Monday, March 21, 2011

Caps, Caps for Sale

Or Hats, in this case.

Warm, comfy Fur Hats.


Lately I've been on a sewing kick. I made one blond beaver fur hat and sold it last week so my son could have spending money in Anchorage for Spring Break.

Yesterday, I made three more. (Money is a good motivator when you want a new serger!)

kaisa and momma

One Women's Muskrat and leather one. One Sheared Beaver and Leather for Kids and One Sheared Beaver and Leather for Men.

kids hat

All Dark in color, all warm on your head.


All perfect for our long days out on the ice Shiifishing. Cause its that time of year again.

fish raw

Fishing! Yay. That means raw frozen fish, baked fish, beer battered fish, etc. And if you've ever had Halibut, Shiifish is BETTER. So much better. Ahhh... Shiifish.



Neumaisse said...

Two things! (I have been meaning to get around to asking you this for aaaaages, but, well. I have 2 year old twins and two preteen boys. ;D)

Anyhow. Thing the first: What's the best way to talk with you about possibly commisioning a pair of boots for *ME* for next winter? I thought the lead time would be good, and I'd love to have a pair of your mukluks. I'm working on losing a certain amount of weight and have been pondering a Goal Weight reward, and this is it. :D

Thing the second: ::Looks at pictures of fish and does the gross dance. ;D:: I can field dress a buck in twelve minutes. I can run a trot line, plant a mean garden. I can eat snake. Why does fish just give me heebie jeebies? (Other than the fact that I'm allergic to it?)
Yick. :D

Non-Mommy said...

Those hats are totally awesome. Seriously, what CAN'T you make?!

CZLion said...

My brother was a bush pilot out of Anchorage and had taught the school teacher in your town how to fly. I met her in Anchorage but forget her name. He took my Dad to Kotsebue (sic) to fish shiifish and they had a grand time. I even got a chance to eat some and it was excellent. My wife loves her server - good luck getting yours. Sadly, my brother passed away two years ago.



Finnskimo said...

@ Non-Mommy - I can't make knit socks. And I so desperately want to know how!

@ Neumaisse - email me. I cut up three more fish today. I just don't like the sea lice...that's all. And the little worms that try to get into YOUR skin. Yeah, that creeps me out, but it sure doesn't stop me from cutting them and eating them! haha (Raw...frozen)

@CZ Lion - Who was the teacher? I love Shiifish. It's the best fish to salmon!

Neumaisse said...

OMG. I'm totally going to have nightmares about sea lice and skin burrowing worms. LOL!

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Hats look great!! I have been making the same thing and selling like crazy!

Tam said...

Hello ~
I'm interested in purchasing a hat for my 6 year old son? I'm not sure of his head size...maybe I should measure his head & email you? (He has a big head ;) )

Can I email you from your blog site? I'm in Anchorage so if you're headed into town sometime soon I could pick it up from you too. Anyway, let me know how you handle your sales?

Thanks! Tam

CZLion said...

I'm sorry to say I forgot her name and it was 9 years ago I met her. She is Eskimo and was married to a wildlife biologist. She now lives and teaches in Anchorage. Regards, Johnny