Friday, April 1, 2011


Well hello there.

It's me. I'm doing wonderful. I'm out of the hospital now, and finally back at work!

Yep, had me a stay in the hospital. Man, thank goodness I have Aflac!

rug and cookie

I knew I was better when I started actually dialing the numbers on HSN for that super new crafty sewing machine that I REALLY NEEDED (but don't really need). And when I thought that no-sew glue stuff was the BEST stuff EVER made. Yeah, time to go home where I don't watch HSN.

Anyway, now that I'm out and SEWING again. I found these WONDERFUL little things and now I am desperately OBSESSED.

mug corner

Mug Rugs.

OMG. They are the perfect little complement to your perfect cup of tea and muffin ! Seriously you guys. I have SO MANY fabric scraps that I whipped this red/pink one up during the last 10 minutes of my lunch break so I could bring it to work and rest my soda on it during the board meeting!

rug itself

They are SO easy to make. Just check them all out HERE . Get crafty.

P.S. Thanks for all the well wishes, I feel like a NEW person. Except I can't eat spicy food. Or walk up too many stairs. Or...nevermind, I feel great. Thanks again!


Tam said...

Glad you're back & feeling better! I'm sure your family is happy to have you home, too.

Love the mug rug! You're making me want to pull out the old sewing machine ~ Tam

Karen said...

Hi from south central Canada! I'm jealous that you're getting 17 hour daylight days ALREADY! I guess that kinda makes up for the NO-light days.
I love your blog......stumbled on it from SOMEWHERE ( not Palin, etc! LOL)and I love your "disclaimer" at the bottom--hilarious! We have quite a few Inuit women from northern Manitoba/Nunavut that must come down to our city hospital( winnipeg) due to pregnancy complications. Sometimes they tell me about the seal and whale hunts, fishing, etc. A different way of life for sure, but very fascinating because it is so different from just going to the grocery store.
I just discovered mug rugs, too! Love them!
Happy Spring! Our snow is not gone yet, but we are seeing some grass poking through.... :>)