Thursday, November 4, 2010


Or, if you're into grammar and all that, Quiche.

Or Food Porn as a commenter said yesterday. Not too much this past few weeks cause I'm DIEting.


Yes folks, I am on a diet. (Operative word being DIE, j/k) and I hate mentioning that on my blog, but it IS my blog so I can do whatever I want right!? So, yeah Dean and I are on a diet. Two weeks in he's lost over 20 lbs. And I've lost 16. The sucky thing is that you can tell on HIM Much more than you can on me. What IS that about??! Oh well. Sixteen pounds is gone, so I should be happy right?

Anyway, I'm gonna share another SUPER-BEST-EVER recipe for Quiche.

It's my take on any Quiche recipe. I've decided that with a pie crust, 5 eggs, a cup of milk and some spices, you can make ANY QUICHE you want.


Gather your ingredients:

1 ingredients

*One pie crust. Again, if you're mom-who-makes-everything-from-scratch isn't going to eat it, just buy one from the store.
*Some sausage. Feel free to use Moose Breakfast Sausage, or whatever you have on hand. This is what we had on hand! (Bacon/Ham, etc.)
*Chopped Onion
*Chopped Spinach
*Feta Cheese
*Cheddar Cheese
* 5 eggs
*1 cup milk (These two are really the only thing you have to pay attention to in terms of measuring!)

2 eggs

If you have a sister who has chickens, you can bum some real chicken eggs off her, or just buy regular ones. I like Bummed Eggs though, they taste Good!

3 cook sausage

Cook your onion and sausage until done. Add some squeezed thawed chopped spinach to the pan to warm. (Pretend like I showed you a photo of cooking sausage.)

4 pie crust

While your sausage is cooking, place one pie crust on the bottom of a glass pan. (I use glass because the metal ones 1. don't look as good, and 2. bake too hot for me.)

5 eggs in a bag

If you're transporting your Quiche to work to cook, like me, crack 5 eggs into a ziplock. Add 1 cup of milk, some garlic powder, salt and pepper to the bag/bowl and mix well. If not, crack them into a bowl and skip the next section.

6 portable

Another thing about Quiche! Totally portable when you have an oven at work! I just put the egg mix and sausage/spinach mix into ziplocks and bagged the rest of the stuff! Now would be a good time to preheat your oven to 350 degrees.

7 stuff in bowl

Place your sausage/spinach mix into a bowl.

8 feta

Add a couple handfuls of Feta. If you don't like feta, then don't. Add more cheddar.

9 cheddar

Add a handful of Cheddar. Or more for your liking. Mix well.

10 pour in pan

Now pour the sausage/spinach/cheese mixture into your pie pan.

11 egg mix on top

Carefully pour the egg/milk mixture over the sausage mix. Make sure there is egg all around the top.

BAKE for about an hour, or until the middle is pretty set. Let sit for about 10-15 minutes to cool.

12 done

Enjoy with your co-workers. :)

Happy Fall. (Which is actually winter up here!)


Sabrina said...

OMG, that looks delicious!

Anonymous said...

OMG that does look yummy! I've never had anything like that lol, we lack sophistication here in the South lmao :)

Midnight Ramblings said...

That does look delicious! Now, if you're on a low carb diet like I am (lost 35 pounds so far) it is not food porn, it's...well, DINNER! :D

Trish said...

That looks good! I think i'll make it this weekend.

Anonymous said...

We made this a couple of days ago, it was awesome!!

Even better, it was all stuff that you can get at the Northern stores in Nunavut. Usually there is a couple of things that are not available, especially in the smaller places.

Jsaon in Igloolik