Wednesday, November 10, 2010

When in Hawaii...

Do as the Hawaiian's do. Which is basically just chill. Or not, chill cause its 85 degrees out, but relax. RE-LAX!

My feet

Maui is the perfect place for that! It is so relaxing. The beach is completely open and there is really no one around except your "Lukin Party of Eleven..." and all these kids we toted here. I'd suggest Maui to ANYONE who has a family. And the Kaanapali Villas is AWESOME too. Again, PERFECT to relax.

Kaisa jumping

Except when you get motion sick. Cause that's how Koy and I are. We feel the motion in the ocean. And it SUCKS.

So, Wednesday we decided, against my better judgment (cause I KNEW I would get sick, but I really REALLY wanted to go snorkeling), to take an hour long cruise to get to Molokini and the Coral Gardens reef. I mean, I even rented an underwater camera.

Allee's shell

And we got on the boat and I forgot to take any photos. Cause I was so busy feeding the fish. Giving the Ocean back its Tuna. Chumming for Chum. Visiting Ralph and Beulah. It was so much worse than a Tequila Hangover. ugh. And the worst part of it all was there were two others who were just as sick, and their names were Koy and Kaisa. And being a mother to motion sick children puking over the side of the boat, I wanted to KILL THE CAPTAIN who took his sweet merry old time in the stupid bobbing boat.

Yeah, there will be no more boat excursions for this momma and her kids anytime soon.


So, no photos of Snorkeling for you.


Instead. Enjoy the photos of our fun day at the beach yesterday. And Dean's bright idea about how to open Koy's coconut.

Deans thumb

That's gonna leave a mark.


gpc said...

Consider trying half of a dramamine next time -- it really works (and good snorkeling is so worth it!)

Dawn said...

What a contrast from Alaska to Hawaii - they both are beautiful states and have there individual beauty. They are also both very expensive states! Going back to a midwest winter after being in Hawaii has been hard to do but, going back to Alaska with all of winter yet ahead of you......I could not do it!! It sucks that you all were sick!! Enjoy your family time - Maui is a great island - love the little town of Lahaina! I enjoy your blog!

Finnskimo said...

Dramamine makes me very sick, so I sipped on something the captain made, Real Ginger Paste in 7-up. It was VERY good tasting. Not so good tasting when it came back up though. In any case, I'd totally like to make some at home cause it was just that good! :)