Thursday, November 11, 2010

Unduh da Sea

Darling it's bettah, down where its wettah, take it from me!

Ahh, aside form the fact that Koy, Kaisa and I got sick bobbing in the ocean, we ended up having lots of fun in the water anyway.


Renting an underwater camera is definitely the way to go. Max had it for most of the time out on the boat, but once we were stationary, I was able to get some great pool shots this morning.


This morning, as in, at 7:00 a.m., the kids get up, and go swim in the pool. Then they eat breakfast, and then go swim in the ocean. Then we eat lunch, do homework and they go swim some more in the ocean. Then we eat dinner and they go swim in the Pool again. Life is good in the water.


And best of all, my baby FINALLY learned how to swim. I'm still a little terrified when she jumps in and stays underwater for so long, but she's pretty good.


And if I could figure out how to get these videos off the darn CD things would be grand. But for now, enjoy some Ocean/Pool shots.


Aloha for today!


Sabrina said...

That is awesome! My camera has a waterproof case thing I can buy and use, I've just never felt the need to...however, after seeing these shots, I might get it for next summer!

wade Kane said...

I came across your blog looking up info on Arctic Lighterage, which is now owned by Crowley Maritime. Arctic Lighterage was started by Salinas the second husband of Mrs. Rottman (Rottman Store). I lived in Kotzebue from 1978 til 1990 working for the National Guard and for Baker Aviation (Marge was great to work for!)as an Aircraft Mechanic. Sure did enjoy living there, friendly people for sure. Enjoyed ice fishing for tom cods in front of town late fall. PETA, yes, the Tasty Animals one. I've never understood the fishing concept of "Catch and Release". I'm a "Catch and Fillet" fisherman. I currently live in Florida where I grew up. The natural springs here are +72F year round, but for people from here its too cold to swim in the winter. So last Wednesday my son and I went to Juniper Springs, which in the summer will have 30 or 40 people in the water at a time. On 1 Dec, just me and my son where there, and we had a nice time swimming.
Wade Kane. Is Johnny Walker still living there? I worked for him and his dad Nelson as a mechanic. PETA, nothing better than a broiled walrus flipper.