Sunday, November 8, 2009

How native is YOUR white husband?!

So, I don't know what the "PC" term is for my husband. Up here in Northern Alaska, we just call him WHITE. :) I mean, either you're white or your native. Even though I'm exactly 50/50 white/native, I'm still considered native. I don't know why that just is.

So, he's white. I'm married to a white guy! But, man, he is the MOST NATIVE white guy I've ever met. Well, except for maybe my dad. I swear they are simply pigmentally challenged native men with blue eyes. Such dreamy ice blue eyes, sigh... (ooh, sorry.)

My husband is a great native. Better yet than that, he likes to make me stuff. Like ulu's.

I love me some ulu's.

I use them for everyday cooking. My ulu's and my Rachel Ray knives and my pampered chef cutting boards and bowls are my bestest buds. They spend their days with me cutting and mixing and making fun things for people to eat.

My husband made an ulu today for a friend. Qaagraq. I hope she likes it as much as I do!

We use ulu's for everything from cutting animals, to skinning, to chopping, to slicing to cleaning your fingernails! (Maybe that's just me...)

They're the best knives ever. Especially if you like Pizza! (Cause they're the best pizza cutters ever.)

Moose antler handled ulu with handsewn leather sheath. is the email address if you're interested...


gpc said...

The ulu your husband made is beautiful. On my two tourist trips to alaska, we saw a million of them for sale . . especially made for us. This one looks like a serious tool. Can you email me and tell me how much he charges? I doubt I can afford one, ulus like this are pieces of art.

I hope you are feeling some better?

indigo said...

Okay, now I am seriously jealous. Yes, I want an ulu. Just like that with a case, with my name. Oh boy!

Please send me an email