Monday, November 16, 2009

Bake Sale Thank YOUS!

So, as many of you may know, I've been out of work for a while (since October 3rd) and somewhat unable to do "stuff" to make enough money to keep afloat. I'm not complaining, it just is the preamble to the following happiness I must exude!

My friends and family and I decided to have a BAKE SALE on Friday. I mean, the only thing better than baking for your loved ones is baking for a cause. Junior needs new wrestling shoes, or Son-Son is in the hospital, so LETS have a Bake Sale! Any number of Friday's you can find different organizations and clubs hosting a Bake Sale at the Post Office here in town. So right now, the cause of the month is my family.

So, bake we did. And bake, and bake and bake. And Bake. We decided to have the sale at my house, since I wanted to continue baking throughout the day...and during lag times, I could totally check my Facebook! (Priorities man!)

I mean, us Eskimo's LOVE us some baked goodies. And Eskimo's love to bake. My family LOVES to bake. And when I say "Bake" I'm talking about making bread. Any sort of bread. And we don't use recipes.

So, I wanted to THANK everyone for their help, their baking and their buying. The well wishes, and the laughs.

Thank you MOM for baking 15 HUGE loaves of homemade Bread, the kind that I grew up on, the bread that brings me back to the no-flush toilet days when we had to take showers on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at the Rec Center and do our laundry and dishes by hand. Thank you for your awesome cinnamon twists too. They were a huge hit! (I totally saved two loaves for me and Saima!)

Thank you Auntie Wynona (Noo-noo) for making four awesome Jello cakes, and I forever forgive you for cutting my finger when you cut my fingernails when I was a few days old!

Thank you Kookie for bringing Popcorn Balls and Caramel Corn. The popcorn balls were gone in a minute and the caramel corn was so good, I ate almost an entire bag, and then had to sit down cause I was dizzy!

Thank you Chris for coming over and baking our emotions away! The Pumpkin Bread was WAY BETTER THAN Great Harvest! And cheaper too. I have one loaf left but would LOVE to get your recipe for my someday-wish of having a coffee shop.

The Caramel Nut rolls were so good that people bought them right out of the oven when it opened! If there was ever a reason to have Smell-O-Vision, the Caramel Nut Rolls would be IT.

Thank you Shayne for bringing Pumkin Rolls. Agnes bought them ALL! After Elsa and I tested one! Whenever you decide to open your bakery, I'll invest. I don't have money now, but someday I will and I will throw it at your baking skills anyday!

Taikuu Vera Jane for bringing Qayusaaq. Uncle Claude loved it, and my son ate probably four cups worth. I love Qayusaaq with bread. (Non-Eskimo's: Qayusaaq is a cranberry pudding type food made with boiled cranberries, splenda, water and a flour mixture to thicken it up. It is THE BEST dessert around!)

Thank you Elsa for making the Awesome Cherry Jubilee Cheesecake Bars. I tried a bite and they were SO GOOD. And apparently everyone else loved them too cause they were GONE in a matter of minutes! (Thanks Lola for buying SO MANY Cherry Chip Cake Mixes!)

Thank you Kelly for bringing over the Raspberry Bars. I had attempted to make Cranberry Bog Bars and left while they were baking. My mistake. I left my husband and a timer on, but they burnt anyway. These were just like the cranberry ones and I have to admit, I ate THREE. Yum. I love ANYTHING Raspberry. And Raspberry with Oatmeal, even better!

Thank you Sandy for bringing over atikluks and earrings and fun stuff to sell. I really appreciate it and thank you for thinking of me at work! I'll admit, I tried the atikluks on Kaisa, but they didn't fit! haha. Thank you.

And Thank you Kathleen for helping and bringing over the CUTEST cupcakes EVER. Homemade Cream filled cupcakes with pink cherry cream frosting, made in ice cream cones with sprinkles and marshmallows. I actually "bought" a dozen for my daughter and niece. They LOVE them. LOVE them, and I do too!

As for me...aside from the botched Cranberry Bog Bars (poor, poor bars...), I made doughnuts, cinnamon rolls, cranberry nut bread, pumpkin rolls, pumpkin bread, and more. Dean made knives, and ulu's.

Lastly a HUGE Thank you to my mother in law, Emily and Auntie Florency. I swear, I have heard awful M.I.L. stories, and I'm sorry, but I can't relate because MY mother in law is the BEST. She completely loves me, and my children and always takes care of us. She is just an outstanding and amazing woman and I really, really mean that! She and Florency sent us "some groceries" and when we picked them up, it was EIGHT totes and boxes worth of groceries. EIGHT. Like as in FOUR HUNDRED and FIFTY pounds worth of groceries. So, THANK you both for that!

Not pictured are the 50 lbs of flour, 50 lbs of sugar, 20 lbs of potatoes, case of paper towel and case of tissue.

So, from the top to the bottom of my heart. Thank you all for your donations, hard work, friendship and more.

(Kookie is planning a dinner at the Catholic Church this Friday. We're trying to decide what to serve...spaghetti, chili, or indian taco's...any suggestions?!)


Lisa said...

Wow, how awesome is that! Now I really wish I lived up that way so I could get in on some seriously good food!

Cate said...

Man, I am totally moving to Kotzebue! It looks like you have enough expert bakers to fuel my need for baked goods from now till kingdom come.

PS Now I feel silly for including the loaf of bread with the beluga, because I was thinking you might not be able to be up & baking.... :)

Anonymous said...

dang, next time you have a bakesale blog about it before hand! that stuff looks good, wish i woulda bought some!

Ms. ~K said...

My mouth is drooling and my hips are expanding just looking at all these goodies...
I've missed being able to check on you while we were's good to be home!

Sabrina said...


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Katuk
Myles & I would like to make a contribution to you and your family.
let us know how and where..we were thinking to call KEA or somewhere, and pay for a bill or half of a bill or something..if that would be ok with you we would feel good about helping your family. email me...