Thursday, November 5, 2009


So, I'm sort of on light duty for all my home duties, including cooking, wifing, momming, cleaning, walking...etc.

And my husband is off now for the next ten days, on his regularly scheduled days off. So, we do what we can. And that's to be CRAFTY!

I was told today, "you are really Eskimo!" In a good way. And, I'm happy to be called Eskimo. I AM Eskimo. I carve, and sketch, and sew, and etch on baleen, and make earrings, and bead and just about everything else Eskimo's do that's crafty. And I love it. I love sharing it, and teaching it. (Can you tell, I'm just full of love! haha)

I watched in amazement as my husband made a knife and sheath in under three hours, for a family friend, to thank him for all the help during these past few weeks. He's a man's man, and what do manly men need? Knives!

Especially Eskimo Manly Men!

Normally, I'd be doing my own thing, but my life has suddenly forced me to take time to do everything. And I'm thankful for that. I was able to actually watch him work. And seriously, I feel ... so ... proud!

I didn't actually get to watch the knife making, but I did watch him make the sheath. A thick quarter inch piece of leather, hand cut into a single sheath to fit each knife perfectly.

Concentration, and perfection.

So, for those of you who are interested...he DOES make custom knives for people, with custom colors, custom designs, and custom sheaths.

This one, though, was given to Qaluraq.


Cate said...

Hey-- I just logged on to say that I met some of your fellow Kotzebuers here in Hooper who are with the volleyball team. SO now I know who to root for if Hooper is out of the tourney (though it would be great if they stayed in!).

One of my favorite compliments is when folks here say to me that I'm a real Yup'ik -- especially since I'm not genetically Yup'ik, but since "Yup'ik" means "Real, genuine Person", I can qualify, and I like being told I am a real person.

Email me about how much your husband's knives go for. Tuluk liked the look of it and his birthday is in March. :)

Anne said...


Anonymous said...

These are so well done! You forgot to mention how we can get in touch with getting a custom knife! Hope to get back to Kotz in Mar or April.

- Justin

TwoYaks said...

Ahaha! I just noticed the shirt! Too good!

Anonymous said...

Do you sell any of your crafts? If so, where?

Kari said...

That is awesome! Very impressive! My hubby the knife fiend would love that.

Sabrina said...

That's a wonderful gift! I hope that Qaluraq gets a lot of use out of it!

Unknown said...

wow Dean, I never realized how much your hands look like daddy's until I see them at work. The knives look great! And so glad you have a wife who LOVES you and totally supports you! Love you both tons!!!

Finnskimo said...

OK, you can reach Dean at and he will talk to you about your custom knife.

This most recent one has an ivory tip with curly birch and brass in the handle. The ivory tip has a lanyard on it because Qaluraq goes seal hunting and has lost some knives in the water...this is to make sure he doesn't lose it!

Technically, I work with him on the ivory handled knives, and they are more expensive, but he does 99% of the work, all I do is whatever the FED's require for Native handicrafts. (Dummys) Anyway. He's does have a whole mess of anodized steel blades, damascus blades and stainless steel blades that are just itching to get worked on.

If you're in Kotzebue, he has a few at the Art's Center. Otherwise, feel free to email him and put CUSTOM KNIVES in the subject line, so he doesn't accidentally delete your message!


Michele S said...

That is about the coolest thing I've ever seen. Wow.

I am so glad you are back home. What a relief.

Tari said...

Gorgeous work. Glad to read that you're on the mend. Thanks to The Amazing Trips, I am now hooked on your blog. I feel a need to check in every so often to learn more about what goes on in our northernmost state. Thank you for not disappointing. :)
--Tari (currently stuck in NJ)

Cate said...

Hey! I am sending you back beluga skin and meat with the Kotzebue Volleyball coach -- also your daughter's teacher? Hope it makes it to you in good shape tommorrow! :)