Monday, November 2, 2009

Goodbye sweet love!

So, as I sit here getting better, I am having a SERIOUS craving for a White-Chocolate Caramel Mocha from Terra Bella.

But guess what? I can't have one. UGH. Unless its a fat-free, skinny sugar-free kind.

Why? I have some awesome drug-induced diabetes. Great.

Bye, bye Sweet, sweet sugar. So long garlic mashed potatoes. Toodeloo homemade egg noodle pasta. Bon Voyage homemade dessert every night.

Ohhh, my teeth hurt and my stomach aches for your sweet taste enveloping my mouth. My body (literally) shakes at the yearning I'm feeling for you.

Alas, I will pass you by as I drive my ride-a-long cart within the aisles of Target. I will give up visiting you at the Great Harvest Bakery. My fingers will stop filing through the pages of that Taste of Home Holiday Magazine.

Oh, sweet, sugar and carbs, Goodbye forever!!! WHY? WHYYYY!!!!!???

(or at least until I'm off this stupid drug, and then...IT'S ON!)


gpc said...

Man, that stinks. Talk about adding insult to injury!

One of many cuzzins! said...

So, I just commented on the link from Amazing Trips, which was from last week. Duh! Guess I should have check a more recent post to see that you got some medical attention. Whew! Thank God!

I am so relieved that a diagnosis has been made and you are getting treatment and some good drugs.

Remember, it's okay and probably best to get help with those *incidental* personal chores like wiping your bottom. Keep those bulloused areas as clean as possible until they are all dried up.

Best of luck with your recuperation.

lorraine said...

And I thought Kaisa was the drama queen!! lol!!! Love you and so glad you are on your way to recovery!!!

flying fish said...

Ok, bookmarking your blog because I am a random reader and need to know what's up. I live waaay down at the other end of the state in Southeast AK...need to keep better track of what's going on up north. I hope when I read down the missed blog entries I find you're ok.

flying fish said...

Ok, I read the rest of the posts and have a stunningly intelligent "holy crap" to add to my last comment. did the diagnosis stick? Are the blisters shrinking? I love your shamwow felt post, cracks me up!