Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Place.

Hey...welcome to my place. It's still piled with snow, and bright out 19 or 20 hours a day! This picture was taken at 1:00 a.m. last night (this morning?) on the tundra.


The temperature says its only about 30 above but when you're sitting on the ice in direct sunlight for hours on end, you can keep your winter boots on, with your tank-top and TAN away. Our temperature gage reads 65-70 degrees in the sun. And since we're in the sun all day long, its pretty warm.

Everyone here has a "native tan." One that wraps around their face like a reverse raccoon, thanks to the need to wear sunglasses from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed. Our hands and necks are also darker than the rest of our bodies. Funny, but normal up here.

Since my husband is a pilot and we have a plane, he thought he'd treat you all to a nice short flightseeing trip "around the patch" as they call it here. Come take a look, you can see the Hospital, the Senior Center, the Grocery Store and MY HOUSE!

My town isn't very big. But its home. And you can fly around it in three minutes! See!?

Thanks for visiting!

P.S. my husband took both the photo and the video! He sure thinks he's cool in his airplane! haha. Shoot, who am I kidding, I think he's cool too!


basebell6 said...

your husband IS cool! but he isn't very good at commentary; i had no idea which was the hospital, which was the senior center, nor which was your house!! ;)

i've gotten snow sunburns before [not in ohio but on mountain climbs]; soooo bizzare to have 70 degree temps with snow on the ground but those days really fry you!

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Well your town has mine beat in size by quite a bit!

My kids just keep yelling for the plane movie again...

alaskapi said...

Thank your husband! That was a fun way to get to see your area.
This state is so different from one end to the other.
We don't get near as much sun here in Southeast and not quite so many hours of light so the 'tan' thingy is not common.
The surest signs of spring here are seeing folks swapping out their Carharts for shorts as soon as we hit 45-50 degrees and the shift from icefall to waterfalls on the mountains.
I live where I have been hearing avalanches boom on and off for a couple weeks now. Soon the green flame of summer will shoot up the mountainsides as the leaves come on on the alder, salmonberry, and devil's club.
What are the chances you can talk your husband into another flightseeing trip in June so we can see your town at solstice? :-)

sue said...

that was the COOLEST!!!! in fact, I sort of got a little motion sick~~~~~ Not much of a flier, can you tell.. and your town is bigger that I had pictured in my mind... thanks for sharing, I just love popping in here and seeing what's goin' on....

Naomi O said...

That was totally awesome to see your village after talking with you on the flight back to Seattle. I sat in the middle...I have been telling everyone all I learned on that flight from Palm Springs and I am so thankful I got the last seat. I bet your glad your home now...I am.

My village, Taholah,WA. is about the same size.