Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Festival

(* heavy post after you read a bit!)

Holy Cow. What a whirlwind week. We celebrated the arrival of the sun for more than 16 hours a day with a huge Spring Festival. The 2nd Annual Arctic Circle Spring Festival that is! And it was GREAT.

The sun cooperated and shone above us giving us all that often-sought-after Eskimo Tan after several days in the sun.

The Arctic Circle Spring Festival was created by a group of volunteers who wished to celebrate the return of Spring to our home as a community, as well as to give an opportunity to experience our unique culture of the Alaskan Arctic. With events like Eskimo Football, Harpoon Throwing Contest, TWO Community Dinners and even a Snerts Tournament, this jam-packed 6 day event gave everyone plenty to do and see this week. "Headquarters" were set up at the Nullagvik Hotel Banquet Room where people could come in, warm up, have a cup of coffee and relax.

The highlight of the event was the mass start of the
Kobuk 440 sled dog race on Thursday the 14th where all the dog mushers started the four hundred and forty mile race through our beautiful region all at once. Such a sight to see.

Also largely popular, (and by popular, I mean 14 gallons of sourdough starter was eaten) were the two free Sourdough Hotcake breakfasts on Saturday and Sunday. I mixed up two 7-gallon buckets of sourdough starter each night and in the morning made plain and blueberry sourdough hotcake mix that was fried on Coleman Stoves at Headquarters. Lucky people who brought their own container also got a "sourdough starter" that has been in our family for generations.

In addition to those above, we had two community dinners, one entirely of baked Shiifish. Alaska's answer to Maine's Lobster. And so much better, in my opinion! The cupcake contest and super cookie contest were also well liked and the winner of the cupcake contest was much deserving in her rendition of "Kobuk 440" cupcakes! (AND she made them in her "spare time" between working full time taking care of three little girls, taking a full load, and graduating college next week in Anchorage, and all that!)

Anyway, I'll explain a little on each photo...otherwise, ENJOY!

The entire cast and crew of the Kobuk 440 sled dog race. ("Native Tan!")

Ruth Iten, local gal after her strong finish of the 440.

Harpoon Target Contest

The intent of the Harpoon Contest is to see who's the best Seal hunter.

Isn't she the cutest little thing EVER!? Tiana Nelson hanging out at the finish for the dog races.

"Time Immemorial" play writers and actors, Jack Dalton and Allison Warden. I super cried during this part.

Here comes my husband
Here comes my husband!

tea contest
Tea Making Contest! Contestants had to run down, make a fire, boil snow in a can and make tea.

making tea
Tea! I know who I want to bring to camp with me!

hi eric and kari
My friends Eric and Kari, hanging the air...above me!

flat stanley
Flat Stanley is hanging onto the Arrow for dear life! He was visiting the ACSF this year.

me archery
Bullseye! Not quite, but almost!

Hotcake Breakfast makers, cookers, servers!

Nothing better than a deluxe Coleman Stove.

Especially one that makes Blueberry Hotcakes!

Wait, she might be the cutest little thing ever! Laci Hess.

Traditional bentwood snowshoes.

Claudey racing to the finish.

Here comes Ruth! (You can tell because she's not very tall!)

Here comes Hugh! With his KOTZ Radio hat.

Ken Anderson after his finish.

Twins!? We're not even that related! Distantly, maybe third cousins...but people like to come up to me and hug me and say, "HI LIZ!" I just say Hello back. :)

Pretty mama with her Indimo.

Snerts Champion! Attamak Sheidt. He has FAST hands.

One of the snow sculptures.

Free Dogsled rides for everyone!

The kids favorite event. The Clothesline Cash run races...

I would definitely do laundry every day if I found this on my line!

See!? Isn't she so darn cute!?

440 Mass Start.

Cupcake Contest winners!

Pete Kaiser, winner of the 2011 Kobuk 440 Sled Dog race.

Gunny Sack Races.

Arlene jumping high!


basebell6 said...

love the pictures! how fun! your flat stanely had way more of an adventure than the one i had this week!!!! am i the only one to notice that it looks FREEZING and the little blond girl (you know the one who doesnt look like a native) is in a t-shirt!?

Finnskimo said...

It was very very warm actually! It was like 60 degrees in the sun! And it's sunny forever here!

sue said...

I just have to say... you have the GREATEST BLOG ever!!! and I so completely enjoy it.... 16 hours of sun, I can't even imagine!!!!!! thanks so much for sharing with all of us......

EmmyJune said...

Great pictures!! What a fun time.

gpc said...

Looks like SO much fun!

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing Maija!