Saturday, March 6, 2010

Help ME, help YOU!

Let's do this together!

One of the ladies I follow is hosting a giveaway on her NEW and improved website. Susan at SHE'S BECOMING DOUGHMESSTIC is giving away TWO kitchenaide stand mixers.

And hello? Don't you want to win?! I mean I do.

But I need YOUR help! You see...if you go HERE and comment on her site that "FINNSKIMO" sent you (or feel free to use my name if you know it) then I'll win ONE and YOU'LL win ONE!

And since I'm a great friend, I'll even let you choose which one you want.


or the BLUE ONE!

Doesn't it just make you drool?! I mean, what can't you make with these?! ANYTHING. Cookies? Check. Bread? Check. Ground caribou? Check. Homemade Pasta? Check. Ice Cream? Check. Seriously.

Come on now...lets DO THIS!

The MORE times you leave comments that I SENT YOU, the more chances you'll have for both of us to win!

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