Monday, March 1, 2010

Eskimo Baby Showers...

There are a LOT of games that people play for baby showers in "America," but up here in Eskimo Country, we play the same ones over and over, and they NEVER get old!

Seriously. Does she even LOOK eight and a half months pregnant?! UGH.

Cafeteria turned Baby Shower venue!

There's the "Berry Picking" one: where you blind fold a person, give them a berry bucket (bowl) and a spoon, scatter cotton balls on the floor and time them "berry picking" to see how well they'll do as a mom berry picking. Count the cotton balls and the winner is the person who has the most.

"I like this one!" as said by Amber!

And then we have the "This is how babies are made" game: Where you take two teams, give the first person a roll of toilet paper to stick between their legs, put them at the other side of the venue, and give the second person in the line a plunger, or a broomstick to stick between their legs. The second person runs down the hall with the broomstick/plunger between their legs and then without using their hands, sticks the broomstick into the toilet paper hole between player #1's legs and then they switch. The team who finishes first wins, and probably has LOTS of babies!

Of course, there's the "Which Poop is this?" game: Where you take about ten diapers, and crush 10 different kinds of chocolate candies into them, then microwave for 10-20 seconds, so it melts, and squish it around the diaper, number them and pass them around to see who will smell the diaper, taste the diaper and stick their finger in the diaper so they can figure out which candy it is. The person with the most wins.

And we can't forget the "Let's have a baby" game" Where again, you take two teams, two static-y full balloons, and two laundry baskets, preferably that have just had clean towels right out of the dryer in them. The players then stick the balloons between their legs and run down the hall and try to place the balloon in the basket without using their hands. (Much harder than you think, especially when the air is cold and dry!)

The spread.

And of course, there's Eskimo Bingo, but that's just played when we have lots of prizes left.

For Elsa's baby shower, my mom worked and worked and worked while all I did was decorate, think of games and frost. She baked the cookies, the cupcakes, the wings, the wrapped sausages, cut all the vegetables, and fruit, monitored the kids while they washed things, and mixed stuff. She worked from 6am until 2pm that day, then ran home, took a shower and went BACK to work and did the shower with us. She swept, mopped, put decorations up, washed a boat load of dishes and laughed until she almost peed.

And then she ran around playing games with us too! GO MOM!

She works so hard and the baby shower wouldn't have been such a great event if she didn't.

The two favorite games that we play are the plunger/tissue one and the balloon one. During one game, one of my cousins said, "We should have Harris's against the rest of the people!" But, when I counted, far more than half the people there were Harris's so it probably wouldn't have worked out in our guests favor!

More than four generations were in attendance, watching, laughing, eating, and remembering.

My grandmother, Katak, with her great-grandchildren, McKayla and David (Aulasruaq and Kuvlu)

Sigh...My baby is having a baby. Thanks everyone for your attendance, laughs and gifts. Noodle will be so happy to have them when she comes!

Elsa and the Noodle Bump.


Cathy said...

Looks like a great time. I would have gone but I thought I should keep my nuvaqsy to myself.

Cate said...

O.M.G. Awesome! I love these games -- it sure would make baby showers more fun.

Confession: laughed so hard I almost peed my pants with some of the descriptions.

And the treats! Mouth-watering.

Sabrina said...

Looks like fun! I've never had a baby shower. I'm an only child...and nobody cares enough to throw me a shower in DH's family.

Finnskimo said...

OMG. You know I totally want to throw you a baby shower right?!

One of my friends move to OTZ and never had a baby shower either. So even though her daughter was FIVE, I totally had a "Kid Shower" for her. :) Cause I'm cool like that. Plus, EVERY MOMMY DESERVES a BABY SHOWER!