Monday, March 8, 2010

Belly Painting time...

Some of you may know...I love face painting. I usually do it for the Carnival's and the 4th of July Celebrations here in town. But rarely, and I mean RARELY, do I get to paint on a pregnant belly!

But this weekend, I did! And it was so fun, until the pregnant woman let one rip and I had tears streaming down my face. AHhaha....

There are lots of different things you can paint on bellies; pumpkins, basketballs, etc. But we went with the more with a placenta!!!

Step One: Paint a skin colored blob with some blueish background.

Step Two: Add a placenta and some white cloudy stuff in the amniotic sac.

Step Three: Outline with Black. (Black makes ALL the difference!)

Step Four: Add shadows.

Step Five: All done. And I call it, "A noodle on a belly!" By Maija

Very cool if I do say so myself! hahaha.

It completely helps if you have a willing belly to paint though. Thanks Elsa.


Life In a Blended Family said...


That is so cool...what a special gift for the baby, too.

gpc said...

You are so talented that it's scary. Everything you do is beautiful, seriously.

Sabrina said...

Wow, that is awesome! I would love to have someone paint my belly when I'm pregnant next time. It's such a special time with baby, because once he or she is born you have to share them with everybody.

Anita said...

Great job.. you are very talented!
My husband did a watermelon (cut, so you could see the inside) on my belly when I was expecting my youngest. It was fun!

Lucy Mae said...

You ROCK! Makes me wanna get pregnant :o) Don't tell Brandon, he might take it the wrong way. (He's been begging for a boy).

Anonymous said...

Ouch.. it looks like it hurts..

Michele S said...

That is so cool! You are so darn talented. That makes me sort of hate you a little bit.

Okay, come over to my blog and look at this homemade chicken plucker thing I found on Youtube.