Wednesday, September 28, 2011


On Sunday my son turned 15.


Like as in, three years until he's an adult.

Like as in, Hi, I'm Koy and I'm 15!

Like as in, my mom isn't my number one girl anymore, cause I'm fifteen.

Like as in, I know you raised me alone but I know everything because I'm fifteen.

Like as in, you can't spank me anymore cause I'm five foot nine, and I'm fifteen.

Like as in, I can have a girlfriend now cause I'm fifteen.

I'm gonna die. Or cry. Or both.

Sonny BOY


Anonymous said...

That grin of his says it all :)

sue said...

oh do I remember those days... and now looking at my daughter turning 26... I just don't believe that I am "that old".... one of those "life things" that reminds us... it all speeds by...

so, have that little cry and then give him a big hug.. even though he's 15!!!!

alaskapi said...

cry some, ma :-)
and then laugh a lot with him.
the crummy part of being a parent is spending all those years getting them ready to take care of themselves and leave you.
the good parts are everything else including them leaving you and using all the skills you helped them build to take care of themselves :-)

Anonymous said...

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oh on current subject, your young man can now help with family cost of living or unless your like our family.
love love Love your family

merinz said...

I used to say that the teenage years with our boys (we have three of them) was the only time I saw value for my grocery money when they are growing and changing so rapidly.

Susan Stevenson said...

Happy Birthday to your handsome son! Fifteen can be such a difficult age for a boy. They want to be adults, but so much of their behavior can be childlike. It's so hard to watch them grow up, but how proud we are of the young men they are becoming.