Monday, September 12, 2011

Guns and Wood

My dad lives a very good life.

Perfect photos to use the "old west" action on.

He gets up, carves a little, listens to the radio, maybe watches some football or hockey or baseball, depending on the season, carves, cleans some guns, maybe hangs out with his bart, Chief, and goes to bed.


I want to live that life.

In Chickaloon.

wood stuff

Or Sisualik. But I've seen the ugliness that forced him away from there, so I'm on the fence about Sisualik. I've experienced it first hand. And lately, I'm sick to my stomach about it. I haven't been to my camp since July. I haven't picked a single berry this year. Dean hasn't even gotten us ONE caribou yet. OK done venting.

wood hangers

Huh, the universe is moving in the wrong direction.

But, it seems like everything is OK when I go to camp. Sisualik, or Chickaloon. My best memories are in those places growing up. Scared of moose and porcupine. And bees.

bed guns

I love visiting my dad's "craft" home. He built it himself, with help from friends and kids, one log at a time. He's always doing something there. Even when it's checking out weasels in the wood pile.


Like making gun racks for his THOUSAND guns. Seriously, this man has more guns than we do...and that is a LOT. But it's OK cause he can make gun racks for them and hang them up with trigger locks, even though no kids are around.


I want a pot rack like this in my house.

pot rack

Too bad I live in Kotzebue.


bea's blog said...

Thanx for this intresting post; I could live like that, too.
Your dad is very fortunate!
Thanx also for explaining the details for fireweed jelly making!
I was too silly......urgh!
We have storm and lovely Fall approaching here! Love that!
Stay well,
Beatrice from Germany

Doin' It Myself said...

WOW! He's got SKILL! Holy mama mia!

Sabrina said...

I;m sorry for the ugliness, it seems like there are nasty people everywhere that enjoy hurting others. :-( Poo on them. Anyway, I LOVE that pot rack, can you take another picture from the other angle so I can see how it holds the pot lids? I want to make one, and it's just the project I can complete this winter while I have 2 hours/day to myself! (James naps, and everyone else is in school! Yeah!). Hugs, Maija, Sabrina

Mikan said...

I want that kind of pot rack, too!

Jennifer Montero said...

There needs to be a big ole WANT button I can press below that ppot rack. Genius use of space and very attractive. I like your dad's style.

Finnskimo said...

Yeah I want a pot rack like that...I told both him AND the husband. But, luckily for pops, he lives in the trees, 600 miles away (OR $700 away) and is retired. He can fiddle like that any time.

So, the next time I make it to Chickaloon, where my dad and his pot rack lives, I can take another picture. Otherwise, we will all just have to admire the one photo I took! :)