Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Eskimo Ninja.

Went down the coast last night. Goose Huntin'


Holy windy coldness. Aside from freezing my patiq off, we did manage to score one goose, and several thousand sighted.


I think if it weren't for the wind, we could have just sat there and picked them off one at a time until we got our fill.


But, dang wind. Ruined our plans. Plans for goose roast, goose soup, BBQ Grilled Goose...shucks.

Deano hunting


The crisp fall air is abundant. The tundra is crunchy and dry now. The cranberries are ripe and ready to be picked. Alapaaaaa, I should have worn ski pants.

ian and susie

Instead, I used a sweatshirt and a thin jacket. So dumb. Dean blamed me for wearing a cranberry red jacket, but seriously, I was the SAME color as the tundra! Deep cranberry red.


So I did what any other Eskimo Ninja would do. I weaved my own grass blanket to cover my jacket.

silver sun


Tara said...

beautiful pictures. We have been watching hundreds an hundreds of cranes flying over Nome today. It is really fall now I guess... your Eskimo ninja camo is awesome. I think the red jacket would have been fine too though! lol!

Anonymous said...

Your geese head down pasat us and it is so neat to see them!! Cranes are almost gone and swans are gathering.
Cranberries are almost rady to pick. Moss (crow)berries are fat and ready.
Fall is here, thanks for sharing pictures from your area!!