Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sew Cold...

*Yay, I finally can upload photos again!

Mouton Parky with Heavyweight Cotton outer with Sheared Beaver cuffs and Wolf and Wolverine Ruff with a Muskrat and Leather Hat. (handsewn by me)

It's only been about 5 to 10 below zero lately, which is great when you don't have a snowmachine and have to hang out at home.

Mouton parky with Canvas outer and Wolf Ruff with a Beaver and Leather hat. (handsewn by me)

And when your new company celebrates Martin Luther King, Jr./Della Keats Day while your kids go to school, this means you can sew.

A lot.

(For an Auction for the "Duct Tape Ball!")

And I have several photos of Fur Parky's for my kids and Angry Birds for my friends...but alas, photobucket is NOT working today and I am much too tired to try to force it to work now. So, the photos are on facebook if you're my friend! If not, you'll have to wait to see my awesome kids in their awesome fur parky's with cotton/canvas covers. (Complete with fur hats too. Koy's is beaver and leather, Kaisa's is muskrat and leather. Next on their list...traveling mittens!)


Josephine @ Creating a Positive life said...

I can't wait to see your fur handiwork. Those angry birds are adorable! I might try sew some up soon.

grams said...

Glad to finally see pics...dumb question of the day....pattern or do you make them up. I would love to make some for my grandkids. I need a pattern.

jen said...

I saw this comic and thought of you :)