Thursday, January 6, 2011

I knew I loved them for a reason!

Thank you Anon. YOU. ARE. THE. BOMB!

Anonymous said...
Did you read where it was developed?? Total coincidence? Maybe...
January 6, 2011 2:18 AM

P.S. what are you doing up at 2:18 am on a weeknight!?

Not like the black bomb bird, but awesome nonetheless! Email me and I'll give you something, JUST for pointing out that...

According to Wikipedia, "Angry Birds is a puzzle video game developed by Finland- based Rovio Mobile...." (the rest is not important).


Did you see that. FINLAND.

Now I am totally justified in LOVING every bit of Angry Birds.

Loving them so much that I made FIVE more last night.

Three of the same for CATHY . And two more for me.


The little blue one and the big white one.

Dean says I need to make the HUGE BLACK EAGLE that swoops down and gets all those dang PIGS when you can't pass the level! But I can never SEE the eagle, so we'll see.



Angeline McConnell said...

Theres an eagle involved? I passed the whole thing(first angry birds game) with 3stars, & I did not see an eagle!!

Anonymous said...

You should totally sale those. My 2 year old would love throwing them at my head. :/

Sabrina said...

oh no! It's available on Android...going to check it out NOW...LOL! Awesome by the way, Finland, 'eh? Cool! My son used to love a show called Lazy Town, and when I told my Icelandic friend about it, I found out it's Icelandic...who knew!?

Sabrina said...

Thanks, now I'm totally hooked. LOL!