Monday, January 31, 2011

Basketball Jones.

Ugh. So, I haven't posted in a LONG time. A week I think.

I've been sick since coming back from Vegas. Yes, I went to Las Vegas last week and stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel. I'll NEVER stay there again. Ever.

palm tree

There were crazy hootchie girls dancing on the tables. IN THE REGISTRATION area. I mean, there were people trying to check in with their CHILDREN.


Talk about the true Den of Debauchery! On Sunday morning, I was walking around saying, "You know, you could go to CHURCH instead of being here!" (while we were on our way to Target of course!)

Anyway, At least I got to meet up with Michele, from Four Times the Fun and I got to bring a bunch of "Eskimo stuff" for her and her kids.

Including an Ulu, some Sealskin, Fox heads, Fox tails, Wolf Paws and a wolf tail too. Oh, and some mouton and rabbit pelts too.

fun at the pink taco

Cause I'm a good blog friend! :) hahha.. We did get to meet a couple of other triplet mom's Joselle and Misti who were brought along just in case I was some crazy Eskimo animal killer. Michele? Do you really think Joselle or Misti could take me?! Me and CATHY!? I brought an ULU!


That's all I gotta say! hahahaha.


Anyway, aside from Vegas, I went home and got pneumonia. But nothing is gonna stop me from watching my son play basketball. So, enjoy some basketball photos of my kid on the high school JV team!


OMG! When did I get a kid in HIGH SCHOOL!? Ack.


My kind of Cheerios!


Michele S said...

OMG. I can't believe you got so sick. Do you think it's an STD from using the bathroom there?

It was so fun meeting you guys. The kids play with their skins every day. Gregory will not let the rabbit skin go and sleep with it in his bed. LOL!

Trish said...

Haha, crack me up! She brought her friends to protect her from the crazy Ulu wielding Eskimo girl!

Is Koy coming here to play this weekend?

Non-Mommy said...

THANKS a LOT, by the way. We've had a blizzard and are trapped inside. I hadn't played "Angry Birds" yet, but thought "Hey, what the heck. How about I download it? Finnskimo did make those birds based on it."

Now I'm hooked! I can't stop!!