Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New everything...

OK, sorry to scare people. I am totally fine. Better than fine actually.

I quit my job. I got a new job.

fur parky

I made a few Fur Parky's for my kids when the weather was hovering around MINUS 20 below zero for a few weeks. Then as soon as they were done, the weather has been around 15 ABOVE! Certainly not fur parky weather. But at least I got them done right!?

I've been cooking/baking up a storm while taking "days off" between jobs.

Actually my son made these...from this recipe!

All of us have really had fun playing Wii's Just Dance adn Just Dance 2 games. I even have my sister on the lookout for the Michael Jackson version. How I wasn't privvy to this game yet is beyond me. I mean, they have Wii BROADWAY edition. dream game. After Glee that is!

We completely enjoyed our time for Christmas with Zach, the twins and my dad.

ipad facebook sewing

I did end up getting a few things off my Christmas an iPad, and Lobbens, so this Momma was HAPPY on Christmas.

And my husband was very busy making knives for the holiday season with his minions.


And were just completely busy wtih life! So, no worries.

I'll be back in no time.

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Safire said...

K, I have Just Dance 2 and the Broadway dance game and there is just no comparison. The Broadway game is kind of lame. Not very good music either. However, I love JD2 and think it's awesome.