Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thirsty Thursday...

Yo ho ho and a bottle of WINE! Yay, its Thirsty Thursday and am I in for a treat! My husband (worlds best) came back from Seattle just in time to contribute to my deliquencies of drinking a fine red wine while watching Grey’s Anatomy on the boob tube.

I knew, just KNEW it was time to enjoy myself. I’ve been a yucky mess the past couple of days, and OH, was my body telling me something? I don’t know, but I can tell you this, my headache went away just thinking of uncorking that smooth red velvety Markham Merlot (2006). I assure you it was not the daring dose of two gulps of cherry Nyquil and four Advil Liqui-Gels that made my headache go away, it was thinking of that wine!

My palette is just itching to get some. My body is going through withdrawals not watching Grey’s for two weeks straight. Thank GOD for iTunes!

Well folks, its harvest time. The rolling hills, green pastures and rows of grapevines blend with ancient castles for the ultimate French country wine. The sweet smell of fermentation awaits, its aroma will permeate my entire living room. (Not to mention mask the stank of two puppies TRYING to be housetrained)

Wine with Paulette

Paulette and I love wine. I love Red, she loves White. We’re different but alike. I love my friend Paulette! Here is our wine from a recent trip together.

Why? You ask, why do I write about wine?! OK, so this morning, I had to drag my lifeless body out of bed, clean up the puppies, take the kids to school and go to work. Well, when I opened up my emails, I had FIVE, count `em, FIVE emails about wine. “Maija, you’ll LOVE our newest Merlot!” from, Bed, Bath and Beyond sends me their love in a discounted wine cabinet. Then a few more ubiquitous emails from my friends reminding me of the weekly evening festivities, wine and Grey’s. Man I love my friends. OK, lastly I write about wine, because it’s a little difficult to get wine here in Kotzebue. I belong to two wine clubs, Vinesse and Wine Styles in Anchorage. Winestyles I have to pick up in Anchorage, but because I pick it up, I often end up getting four extra bottles of mellow and silky for my drinking pleasures.

Vinesse sends me their love monthly in the form of one white and one red wine. They send UPS, and I have to damn near take a breathalyzer test for the UPS Man to deliver my two bottle quota per month. It states specifically on the box, “Do NOT deliver to intoxicated person.” So, yeah, me and the UPS guy have an awesome relationship.

“Oh Hi, you’re home! Are you drunk?”
“No, of course not, its only three in the afternoon…”
“Oh, well sometimes I’m drunk at three in the afternoon.”
“Well not me, where do I sign.”
“Are you sure your not drunk?”
“Can I smell your breath?”
“No. Just give me my box!”

I’ll drink to that!


Cathy said...

Nyquil is nasty. Just the smell of it makes me want to mugak.

Martha said...

I'm curious as to what the UPS guy in Kotz is like. I'm guessing he is not your "average" UPS guy...just curious...