Monday, January 7, 2013


I always hear from people, "There's nothing for kids to do here."  I agree, to a point.  I agree that there is no organized place for youth and pre-teens and teens to go to in the evenings, like when we were younger.  But.  There is always a but.

But there are are a few parents here that find things for their kids to do.  Luckily, I know several of those parents.  And we all have kids the same age, who love to play out.

 A parent came over to pick up their daughter one day from our house, and said they were going to look for a place to skate in town.  Thankfully, we already had a perfect place, within walking distance from our house that we've been using for several years. 

A nice little pond that freezes quickly and thoroughly right across the street.  

We have several sets of ice skates, and the other family had a garbage bin AND tote full of various sizes, so all that needed to happen, was a shovel to the ice, and our makeshift skating rink was ready.

You may be wondering why an Arctic village does not already have an outdoor skate rink, but you can question the City for that.  The same City that promises to provide things for kids to do.  Until then, we will shovel the ice when it snows and enjoy the couple of hours of daylight we have on the ice.

We don't have a place to buy skates from, but if you have some you'd like to get rid of, we frequently have less skates then we do kids.  Especially little ones!  If you want to send them to us, we will gladly keep them in a rubbermaid tote and let the kids use them this winter.  :)  email me at finnskimo at gmail dot com if you have some you'd like to share! 

When we get more snow, we are going to start cross country skiing too. 

Happy Winter Dance.

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Nattsnakk said...

Hi Maija! It was really cool to find your blog and "meet" a real FinnSkimo. Your blog is brilliant! I want to share it with others and that's why I want to give you a Liebster Blog Award. You can "pick it up" from my blog.

With best Greetings, Nattsnakk from Norway