Thursday, January 3, 2013


I saw a great tip about using the word "Resoloution" to help you with your, you know... resolutions. 

So I thought I'd give it a try...

R - Respect myself more.  I mean, I totally respect myself, but sometimes I'm easily guilted into doing things for other people even when I'm dead tired, or sick, or just really need to sit down with a glass of wine and my kindle.  Respect the "No."  :)

E - Evolve my mothering skillz.  Yes, I used a Z in that.  You have to say it like this..." Skeeeellllzzz" with a mustache and whipped cream.  I need to check my attitude at the door man.  Leave work at work.  My oldest child is 16 years old, a junior in High School and he's getting ready to leave momma.  I won't be able to force him to make the right choices anymore, so hopefully I can evolve a bit to help him.  And the other three coming along as well.  (YIKES!  Two freshman next year, AND a fifth grader, I need a  baby.)

S - I have a great "S" word that my husband would love, but I'm going to just say, "Smile" more.  If you know me, I'm smiley.  I like my teeth.  But in the face of adversity I get this weird angry eyebrow thing going.  I think people may be scared of me.  Oops.  I resolve to Smile when I get angry.  At least it'll make me laugh at myself and help quell my inner anger.

O - Organize my life.  I am probably the most unorganized organized person you'll ever know.  For real man.  I have piles of fabric and fur and craft supplies that scatter and clutter every corner of our entire house.  Only I know where that green leather is to match the white fox fur in a bag in Koy's closet.  I need to desperately to organize my stuff.  Then my food.  Then my work.  In that order! 
L - Laugh more.  Angry frown lines, NO.  Laugh lines, OK!  For the past week and a half my son has been babysitting a 5 and 3 year old while they're on break from school.  They laugh and laugh and laugh at the most random things.  "The Dog Ran Up To Me!"  giggle, laugh, giggle!  etc.  I want to laugh more.

U - Unwind at the end of the day.  With wine.  :)  Perfect.  Or wait, not perfect but I can do that! I can also unwind in the Sauna that my husband built for us behind our house.  (Sauna plug!)  It's lined with red cedar, and has a traditional wood stove with lava rock (we use river rock in our camp Sauna) to hold heat.  It's blissfully awesome in there.  Wine and a Sauna?!  Maybe not, but definitely a Sauna.

T - Take time.  This could be for everything.  I tend to rush through everything.  Rush, rush, rush.  Stress, stress, stress.  Rush some more.  Hurry up I'm late!  I just want to take time to get up, take a shower longer than 6 minutes, maybe even fix my hair once and a while.  Spend time sewing by hand, answering questions, etc.  Take time to play games with my kids.  Geez.  I feel all emotional now.

I - Inspire people.  I wonder if I inspire people.  I'd like to think I do.  But that could just be my ego talking.  (Speaking of "ego."  When I was in the 8th grade I lost the spelling bee to a girl from Kiana and that was the word I lost on!  Now she happens to be my best friend.  Off subject but cool.)  I want to allow people to see this town for it's beauty, familiarity, and uniqueness that it is.  Also I want people to be able to make their own fur hat!  :)

O - Observe nature.  I'm an outdoorsy gal.  I looooove me some nature.  Especially up here where it's abundant.  My life is so fast paced all the time I just hope to slow down.  HEY...maybe that should have been my "S" word!  Yes, I think watching the caribou cross the river would be grand.  

N - Never say a cuss word again.  OK well that is probably not doable.  I mean I grew up in a house that cussed, my friends cussed, even my teachers cussed.  It's just another way of expressing how mad you are.  Maybe I could say, "Navigate" the world of alternative curse words!  Expand my adjectives for a snotty person.  Rather than calling someone an A-hole today, I did say to them, "Smegma in your face, dummy!"  :) 

Those are my resolutions.  I wonder how many of them I'll actually accomplish.  I do have another one but that's the same one that millions of people have.  Exercise more.  So I didn't want to waste my "E" on that one.  I'll just make that a lifestyle choice rather than a resolution.

Good luck with yours and wish me luck cause I'm gonna need it. 


Annette Donaldson said...

Truly Inspired by all you do and show through your blog and Facebook! I have several friends from Kotz..but have yet to do more then get out of the plane and walk inside the airport! I am friends with John, your brother in i wanna check out the Chicken lady too ;) But through your blog i really want to go there and go camping with my buddy Bruce you, take some lessons in your kitchen and craft room! Also watch how your husband makes his knives and buy a couple for my sons to have for their future hunting adventures...Love the Resolutions..good stuff to live by! HERE IS TO 2013..HAPPY NEW YEAR!

basebell6 said...

Great goals! Very creative!

Pam said...

Ya.... You inspire people. I was just thinking about you wanting to make some mittens.... Thus I pull up your blog and see you ARE selling things.... And of course I'm wondering if I can hijack a pattern. I used to have ,often patterns, but they have vanished.