Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Years Resolution

Well.  Hello friends.  (Hi Stef!)  Hopefully I'm back forever and ever.  I know the number one cardinal sin of bloggers is not to leave your blog feed empty for weeks on end.  But seriously... some people have 8-5 jobs.  And big families.  And live where it's cold and dark for a few months a year.  People like me.


So, hereby I declare, and resolve to post in my blog a few times a week.  Which will be much easier than my OTHER new years resolution:  To stop swearing so much.  For reals people.  I'd make a sailor cry.  All of us girls would.  Ef this and Ef that S.  Effin B.  etc.  So far I've quoted a cuss word and accidentally let one slip earlier today, but I think I'm doing good.  EFFING A!  (just kidding.)

Anyway, Happy New year.  We're super busy around here.  We have some serious activities to keep the darkness at bay.  All day Sunday is devoted to Church and family.  Monday and Wednesday we work until 5, make dinner and play an average of 6 volleyball games in "old people" volleyball league.  Which happens to be the MOST FUN thing EVER.  Seriously...  we laugh and laugh and play and sweat.  It's awesome.  Tuesday and Thursday: work, then a simple dinner because we have intensive Zumba at 8:00 pm at the Church.  After that we usually Sauna after Zumba, cause my husband loves me and built me a traditional sauna behind the house.  Friday we work, dinner, then some school event that's happening for one of the kids.  Saturday we have to clean up cause if you didn't notice there isn't any room for "cleaning" in that weekly list!  I hate cleaning.


I feel like I'm non verbally blogging through instagram anyway.  If you want to hang out with this Eskimo, you can check me out there under "finnskimo."  (Catchy name, huh?!)  That and the dreaded time consumer, Facebook.  


Hopefully I'll be back at least a few times a week.  Have a great new 2013!


Judy said...

Great to read you are just busier than a cat playing in a litter box!

Stef Mitchell said...

Hiiiii !!!! :)
Your blog is so awesome I love it !!!!!!!!!