Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Last time I checked the climate and rainfall up here made us a desert.  What's with all this stupid rain!?  If I wanted to live in my rubber boots, we would move to Sitka. 

I don't want to live in them.  They stink.  Like rotten feet.  They're there only to pick berries and get in and out of the boat!  Dumb rain.


On another note, Dean LOVES to live in his boots.  He's from Ketchikan, so living in Xtra-tuffs is normal for him.  He wears them as dress shoes up here.  

We need it to go away so we can get back to boating, and picking berries, and camping, and hunting.  Duck season opened and it's been raining and windy ever since.


We found the motherload of blueberries and it's rained ever since.  We played softball in the rain, we go to work in the rain, we fish in the rain.  Seriously, whatever made Mother Nature cry this much needs to stop being an ass and make up already. 


So the kids can get back in the boat and explore the outdoors.  So they can roast grapes (Yes, they roasted their grapes) and find caterpillars and get stuck in the mud.

 kids stuck

We want to pick blues, blacks and crans.  We want to go hunting for Geese.  We need the tundra to dry up so our villages stop being flooded.  Flood season isn't until October.

OK, just so we are clear on this.  Summer and Fall are the only benefit to living up here.  We look forward to the three months of nice weather and Momma Nature is taking this away from us.  Winter is brutal.  At least give us Fall.  Crisp fall days where you wake up and see your breath, adjust your long johns and make a fire to warm up.

roasting sticks

And please, by any means necessary...  NO MORE RAIN!  Oh yeah, and World Peace.


Judy said...

are roasted grapes any good?

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

What is it with men and rubber boots?? My husband lives in his too. I think he was heartbroken this weekend- quad roll over, broken foot- but the worse part was they had to cut his rubber boot off of him! ahahha

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