Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Good Things

It's a Good Thing.  Quick, who said that?  Me.  No, actually it was Martha Stewart.  But, whatever.

Plenty of good things happening up here.  Aside from the torrential rain that caused a little bit of flooding in town, (Go check out the facebook photos, if you want) we have had a great week.

Temperatures hovering around 45, NO rain, sunny and did I mention, NO rain!? 

Here are my top 5 Good Things that have conspired this week: (In no particular order)

Belly Painting

peackock belly

My pal is nice and ripe with a baby in her belly.  Since she is being sent to the "City" to give birth, give life?  Have birth?  I don't know.  She's gonna have the baby in Anchorage.  Anyway, I had a chance to paint some peacocks on that preggo belly.  Apparently only male peacocks have awesome feathers, so we decided it was A-OK to paint two gay peacocks in love.  Or whatever, you know what I mean.  Pretty belly.  Big baby.  Good luck with that!

Drinking Wine

wine on the boat

One of my friends came up to Kotz to visit for the weekend and we consumed a boatload of wine while discussing world politics and the perpetuation of the Inupiaq culture.  Either that or we watched movies, sewed and didn't talk about work, all while consuming good wine.  Either way it was awesome.  Since we took NO photos of ourselves, here is a photo of me drinking wine from my Kuksa while on the boat.  Hey, I wasn't driving...I was cold...and Kuksa's are meant to be used for drinks.  :) Oh yeah, my mom came up to visit last week too, but she left because it was rainy and ugly.

Fabric Presents

spider fabric

A Facebook Friend of mine messaged me and said, "I have a stash of fabric and junk, I need to make room, you want it?"  Of COURSE, being the sound reduce-reuse-recycler I said YES.  And I swear it was like Christmas in two boxes!  My daughter is in LOVE with the blue glittery spiderweb fabric and has already decided what she will be for Halloween.  "A person with blue glittery spiderweb fabric dress AND cape... with a hood... and black gloves."  Really authentic if you ask me.  So that was an awesome day.  Any day you get free fabric is great, right?  Thanks Britt!

Duck Season

ducks in a boat

It's subsistence waterfowl season up here.  This means, in my house, that every morning my husband is awake, checking weather and greasing his shotgun.  And then every night, I get fresh smoked Duck Breasts, or Duck Sausage, or Duck wrapped in Bacon.  :)  Life is good when you're married to a duck hunter.

New Table for Sewing


I usually keep my sewing stash downstairs in the Guest-Room/Bed-and-Breakfast, but during the month of September my husband lets a bunch of hunters stay there so I have to clean it out.  So, basically once a year I actually go down there and either sew or re-organize my horrendous fabric pile.  THIS year, I inherited a great desk from my mom when she moved and it now houses my pretty rainbow of thread.  Among other things.  But I still have about seventeen totes of fabric to go through by Thursday.  Ugh.  At least I have pretty thread.

Hope you guys had a great week too.  And I just noticed how little I have posted this year.  Holy Cow, I'll try to change that!

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Judy said...

"And I just noticed how little I have posted this year." Life happens!