Saturday, March 31, 2012

It's my party and...

you know how it goes.

adii cry

I admire those people who take photographs of young children. Of probably 200 photos, three or four turned out.


Cause this girl does NOT like dresses.


And when I say does not...I mean does-not-with-a-hatred-toward-all-things-girly hates dresses.


So, I bet you can imagine what happened when we put her in THREE for her 2 year old photos...




But we bribed her with heart shaped marshmallows from Valentine's Day and she was fine.


Oh, and a dog. We bribed her with the dog too. Puppy girl.


Good thing she is so awesomely cute, cause all that

see me

Happy almost-2nd-birthday Rea!



Janice Bendixen said...

Melts the hearts. And I am SO with her on the anti-dress thing!

Sabrina said...

She's gorgeous, tears and all! Love the pics, and of course, Happy almost 2nd Birthday Rea!

Anonymous said...

She's really cute! Just one question, one of the pictures closer to the bottom has her feet in an awkward position, making one foot look kind of deformed. I don't know if she has a deformed foot or not, but it looks that way on this photo...Just FYI, no offense at all

Finnskimo said...

Hi anon. She was sitting Criss-Cross-Applesauce, so her toe toes are peeking out at an awkward angle. She has perfect little toes! :)

clarissa said...

such a cutie :)!!