Friday, January 27, 2012



It's not fair.

This is MY weather.

38 below

You know, the weather where I have to plug my car in, pay $7.69 for a gallon of gas, only to fill up twice a week because I start my car and let it "warm up" for 45 minutes before going anywhere...where my dogs have to be kept inside all day so their feet don't freeze...where your face literally freezes after about six minutes outside. Where you don't dare lick your lips or they will freeze too!

This is my HUSBAND'S weather.

82 above

You know, where women wear thongs, and the smell of a Cuban cigar wafts around you. Where salsa music and good food awaits you at every corner. Where the sun is warm and not just light.

I wonder what your body does when the weather outside warms up literally 120 degrees. Or vice versa. What does it do when it goes from 82 degrees to -38?! I guess we will find out when he comes home.

(P.S. He's in Miami for WORK, no less! I need a work trip like that!)


gpc said...

When he gets home he's going to need someone to help keep him warm! :)

Judy said...

The term is miserable. I wouldn't envy him too much. Wild temperature swings are hard on the immune system.

Anonymous said...

I SO agree with you on a work trip like that :-)
Keep the exposed parts to a minimum and we can both do a little dance for a break in the weather!!

Janice Bendixen said...

Cheap. It's almost as cold out here in the Butt. -34 and no sign of warming.

Rebecca said...

That's cold! But really, two weeks ago I left temps like that and exchanged them for warm (not Miami warm, though!) temps and tornadoes. i think I'll take the least it's a known entity! lol. Stay warm!

Sabrina said...

82 is a little hot for me, but its 41 here in Chicago!

Keith Popely said...

Yeah, but it's raining in Miami. Snow is better than rain.