Sunday, January 8, 2012

Inupiaq word of the day...



Alapaa means, "IT IS COLD!"

Very appropriate if you ask me. :)


See the windchill? -65 below zero. Stay warm.

GOOD NEWS though, we have a little over THREE HOURS of daylight! :)


sue said...

I so enjoy this blog!!!! It was so fun (for me) to see your weather and such.... goodness, we're excited that it doesn't get dark here now until 4:45 pm with a sunrise of just after 7:00!!!! and our temps are a warm 29-32....bundle up... and keep warm thoughts....btw, how is your little dog doing....

Anonymous said...

It's about -50C, or nearly -60F, in my hometown right now. The word for cold where I'm from in the Canadian eastern Arctic is 'ikii', pronounced ick-KEEE. What are some other Inupiaq words?