Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bieber Fever.

My 8 year old has Bieber Fever. Seriously.

JB Unsure

And I refused to buy her a Justin Beiber doll for Christmas. Cause I'm a mean mom. That and because she has enough dolls. I told her if she wanted one, she needed to sell some Barbies to make room for JB. She said she was going to have a Barbie Stand...much like a lemonade stand, outside. In the cold. But she would stay warm, because she has Bieber Fever, remember!

JB Smiles

Anyway, she took the high road and asked SANTA for a JB doll. Santa Momma was like, "Psh, whatevs, you're gettin' a sweater."

So, when Toys for Tots came through our schools and gave EVERY SINGLE child in Pre-K through 5th grade a present, imagine her surprise when she received, none other than a JUSTIN BIEBER doll.

JB Girl

If that doesn't show you Santa's listening, I don't know what does.

PS, Santa momma was happy that she didn't have to buy a JB doll. And yes, she did get a Sweater for Christmas. I am SO fun, I tell you.

JB Girls

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Janice Bendixen said...

That is the funniest thing l've read in weeks! You sneaky mama.