Sunday, November 20, 2011


I love Sundays. Really. Anything that starts out at church singing as loudly as we can has to be great right!? Even the pile of laundry that waits on the couch can't bring me down.

I have plenty of things to look forward to this week. Plenty of things to be thankful for. I've been blessed beyond compare. Life is so good.

Tomorrow I start my Sewing Classes here in Kotzebue. (Spread the word) I don't really have a "plan" per say because I want to get a feel for what everyone wants to make first. We have so many options. Atikluks, Mukluks, Aprons, Purses, Mittens, Fur Hats, Fleece hats, etc. And options with skin sewing by hand, or sewing cloth with a sewing machine. We are going to learn to make patterns, and use those to share what we've made! I'm excited.


Wednesday the twins come back up north for a 5 day visit with us and we CAN'T WAIT to see them. Our nephew Coltrane will also be here, and so all my mom's grandkids will be here!

There have been several caribou roaming around the town (yes, in town...walking around...hanging out with us folks!) My husband's cousin was petting the little ones while they ate on the side of the road. It's just like Finland! Anyway, they are super excited to go hunting when they get here. Maddie hasn't caught a caribou yet, so she'll have to give it away if she gets one. Max caught one last year so hopefully he gets one so we can eat! :)

And of course Thanksgiving is in a few days. We've begun the preparations, only as far as trying to clean up the house! Though this Thanksgiving will be different because we usually eat with our Aana Katak (and she's still in the nursing home in Anchorage), we will still try to get together in the evening so the kids can play Eskimo Bingo and we can visit. We have a large close-knit family, and we'd very much like to keep it that way.

We have a pretty extensive menu but so far we will have 8 or 9 extra people and maybe 15-20 extras for dessert. It helps to have two kitchens, and lots of cousins! :) Time to get baking.

Have a great Sunday.

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mo said...

I am sorry to say, I don't live in Alaska, so I can't attend the class. Do you have an interest in making a man's fur hat (trapper style) and selling it to me, for a Christmas present for my husband?