Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lessons...Dean style

I have tried and tried and tried to get my husband to teach me how to make BBQ sauce. I have begged, pleaded and made bad deals, to no avail! He won't tell me.

So, how would YOU get back at your husband who wants to keep his BBQ goodness from the WORLD!? Duh, you sneak around with your long range lens and snap photos and BLOG about it!

So, here you go. Don't ask me how to make it, or ask him for that matter, cause he won't tell anyone. He's stingy. But that's OK cause he makes a case of this at least every month.

You see, we like BBQ sauce on things. Caribou, Ribs, Chicken Nuggets, Pulled Pork, etc. It's plenty good.

1-4 BBQ

1. Cut up at least one onion.
2. Brown the onion and I think it looks like some garlic.
3. I saw at least two cans of Beef Broth...
4. Parmesan cheese Spread?! OK whatever works.

5-8 BBQ

5. Some sort of McCormick Grinder. I couldn't see it very well. Dangit.
6. Tony Chachere's Original Creole Seasoning, no wonder it has a kick.
7. Brown Sugar, nuff said.
8. Vinegar. Regular old white Vinegar.

9-12 BBQ

9. Looks good. I stole some and used it to marinate some chicken. Man that was tasty!
10. Pineapple Chunks?! I woulda NEVER GUESSED!
11. Lots of Ketchup. Whatever cheap Ketchup you have on hand. I saw at least three bottles.
12. Looks good now huh!?

13-16 BBQ

13. Honey, now that's goodness!
14. Tupperware version Chipotle Seasoning.
15. Hand Blender, I had no idea he knew how to use this thing. I guess he does!
16. Bottle that goodness up into canning jars.


Word up. Enjoy trying to decipher this. I think I'll just be happy he makes it. :)


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Oh my that stuff looks good!!!

Emily said...

Man, he's hot and he makes BBQ sauce? Keeper!

Anonymous said...

lol ;D -- too funny!