Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Why I love my Husband.

He texts me all day long.

Seriously, his ginormous thumbs don't even detract from his texts. He texts me ALL. DAY. LONG!

And all night long too.

Saturday night, I got a text from him around 1:30 in the morning. I can't even find it to just copy and paste either. Dang.

Dean: Hi Babe!

Maija: Hi.

Dean: I have Crabs.

Maija: Oh. From who.


Maija: Nice.

Dean: They are in the bathtub in the kids bathroom.

Maija: From WHO?

Dean: Staheli.


Yup...I love my husband. Even though he has Crabs. Big ones.

Crabs in the tub

On another note. My daughters dumb little dog, Fritz, always sneaks in the bathroom and tries to drink toilet water even though they have a water bowl in the living room. Anyway, she saw water in the tub and jumped right in. She screamed like a person and hightailed it out of there. She hasn't been in the bathroom since. :)

On ANOTHER note! I lost the Election yesterday by about 300 votes. :( Oh well. I'm glad people understand the need for change, but people are afraid of it. So, I'll just keep doing what I do and truly putting "Kids First." Thanks for the support though, it was overwhelmingly positive!


Janice Bendixen said...

Dang! I would have helped reduce that margin if l lived there. Poo... You are kind of scary but in the BEST possible way. Keep on keeping on chica. We love you for it.

Anonymous said...

Please do not let this slow any of you young ladies down. Our schools in Alaska, and most in the bush, need people like you. Experience is important BUT given all that is happening in the world, and the pace of it, bringing our 'young' people in for ideas and energy is vital.
It is crazy to me when we do surveys and workshops with mostly those of us who are over about 45 y/o. Yes, our 'experience' is important BUT we can't even fathom, or maybe most of us, what the world will bring in the next 20 years. Our kids and young people are more open to it and ignoring or trying to diminish their views is nuts. We should respect our elders BUT our kids will be left in the welfare lines if we do not make use of the energy and passion of the young!!