Friday, October 28, 2011

Costumes and stuff

OK, now that I dug out Bernice, my sewing machine (old faithful) I'm in the sewing mood.

(*Yes, my sewing machines have names. Bernice is my old faithful. Tiffany is my new pretty high tech one. Irma is my Serger. And I think Kaisa named hers Ashley...or Beyonce, I can't remember...anyway it really helps when you sew something on backwards. "DAMMIT BERNICE!!! WHY'D YOU DO THAT!?" haha)

Luckily for my daughter, I can sew whatever I feel like without a pattern. So, I have been busy sewing away.


Tonight is the Halloween Carnival and even though my girl decided she wanted to be MEDUSA for her SCHOOL Halloween party, she decided that she would like to be Red Riding Hood for the Carnival.

Of course, I said yes.

So, aside from making my sister Elsa's costume, and my niece Clara's pants for her costume, I'm also busy whipping up a cute little Scandinavian Dress (I have to put in the Finn somewhere right!) and Red Velvet hooded cape before tonight's very expensive, pretty lame carnival!

Oh, and we made my other sister some facial hair last night too.


I like hers the best so far!

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