Monday, January 15, 2007

An introduction of sorts...

My immediate family...

Dad -
William F. Johnson was born in WI, but moved around the world with his logger dad and better-than-Betty Crocker mom. He is 100% Finnish, including the blonde hair and bright blue eyes. They eventually ended up in Anchorage, AK where he graduated from East High and later on from Alaska Methodist University, now called Alaska Pacific University. His need for speed (and hunting) allowed him to move to Kotzebue to work as a carpenter back in the mid 1970's. He then met Jennie Harris and they had a daughter not long after that. ME.

My dad spent 4 years in a hospital with polio. Which means he can shoot anything with his left hand...not his right.

He makes his own Qayaq's...they even float!

Mom -
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Lizzie Jennie Harris was born and raised in Kotzebue and Sisualik, our camp across the sound. She is Inupiaq Eskimo, and a great one at that. She was the star basketball player and lied about her age so she could work construction for Arctic Lighterage when she was 17. She graduated high school in 1974 and worked for Arctic Lighterage for 15 years. Every summer, she commercial fished with her brothers. Don't ever get into a fight with her, she'll win! She met Willie Johnson at Ponderosa and the rest, as they say, is history.

Jennie makes full course dinners and can time them perfectly. Every single dish is done within seconds of each other. Dinnertime is dinnertime!

Maija -
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The original Finnskimo. Half Finnish, half Inupiaq Eskimo. Hence the name, Finn Skimo! Maija has two names, a Finnish name, Maija, and an Eskimo name, Katak. She grew up going to school in Kotzebue, and spent half her summers with her Finnish Grandmother traveling, and seeing the world, and half her summers with her Inupiaq grandmother learning the Eskimo culture. She can converse with presidents, have lunch with a queen and sew a skin parky all in the same day, and not blink twice. She doesn't wear makeup.

Maija's lived in Florida, Alaska, and Oregon and traveled to 45 states.

Saima -
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The only planned child of the Johnson clan, she was a twin at birth, which explains a lot now. Saima is a fair skinned, dark haired, big eyed Finnskimo. She grew up in Maija's shadow, which is why she did her own thing, and refused to play basketball, etc. Saima has the largest imagination and boobs of anyone I know. Seriously, BIG, big imagination! She has a daughter, Clara, who's five and is the ruler of her world. Saima's hamster recently died and we're awaiting a funeral for Matilda. They also have a dog, Emmy.

Saima likes sushi.

Elsa -
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Baby Elsa had a tail when she was born! She is in high school loving the carefree life of not working and paying bills. She is a member of the National Honor Society, is on the Dean's List at school and plans to go to college. Plans, being the opperative word. Elsa didn't have hair until she was five. She called Maija, "mom" until she was four. She's broken her nose so many times, we don't know what it really looks like. She is going to Spain in May.

Elsa was Miss Teen Arctic Circle 2006.

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