Thursday, January 11, 2007

The calm after the storm...

I am sitting here at my office looking out my window, and I can hear that dreadful loader pushing snow, pushing snow, pushing snow. Its getting quite repetitive and annoying.

At lunchtime, I went home to find that I couldn't get into my front door. I trudged through the snow to the garage and found the shovel. It took me 35 minutes to shovel out a path to the stairs, up the stairs and through the deck. I thought when you have a husband/fiance/boyfriend that girls didn't have to do this anymore. Oh well, I constantly complain about not having time to exercise, and then complain about having to shovel for 35 min. So, I guess that was good for today. I'm getting married, after all, and I have to look good for the wedding! Kidding, I need to look good for the RECEPTION and the honeymoon!

So, my daughter can sing the entire "Star Spangled Banner" word for word, and she's three. Last night I had a dream that I videoed her and put it on U-Tube, and MySpace, and that Martha Stewart saw it. She called and wanted her to be on her show. THEN, David Letterman called and said the same thing. So I pumped my three year old's head with how important it is to be a soldier and how great it was to be American. So, on David Letterman, here was her interview...

DL - So, Kaisa, you're going to sing us a song huh?
KK - Yeah. Which one you like?
DL - Well, how about the Star Spangled Banner?
KK - I don't know that song, I know Oh Say Can You See.
DL - Ok, how about that one.
KK - (She sings the song perfectly)
DL - That was great, now, where did you learn that song?
KK - My mom taught it to me.
DL - Do you know why?
KK - Because she thinks I'm beautiful when I'm singing that song.
DL - I'm sure you are. Did you know that many American's love that song.
KK - Yeah, I like that.
DL - what?
KK - American. You know that yellow cheese. My mom doesn't likes it. But I do.
DL - (laughing) American's like in solders, not the cheese!
KK - Oh, yeah, those guys that are fighting, like in Call of Duty. My brother plays that and he shoots Nazi's.
DL - (laughing harder...) Oh yeah, Well, we really enjoyed that song, do you know anymore?
KK - Yeah, I know lots of songs.
DL - How about you sing one for us, what's your FAVORITE song?
KK - Doncha wish your gewfriend was HOT like me... But I know lots of songs from school.
DL - why don't you sing one from school.
KK - (She sings Arigaa and Savakatigisuguu)
DL - Well, thank you Miss Kaisa, we really enjoyed having you.
KK - OK. Now can I have a candy?
DL - Excuse me?
KK - My mom said that if I singed good and I didn't complain that she would give me a candy.
DL - Yeah, I"m sure you can have some candy now.

DL - Miss Kaisa Kotch everybody.
KK - Thank you, Thank you (while bending over and running to me)

Anyway, needless to say, I am going to video her now, and make sure that she knows that American's are people and not cheese!

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