Monday, August 5, 2013


If you're my instagram or facebook friend, you know that I do lots of "stuff."  We bake a lot, sew a lot and do tons of outdoor activities with our kids.

Clockwise from top:  Fleece lined camouflage Atiluk size 12 Mo., 4th of July Cotton Atiluk size Women's M, Brushed fleece lined cotton atikluk, size 2T, Cotton fireweed atikluk size 2T.  

Quite a few times, I've been asked, "How do you have time to do EVERYTHING that you do?"  And by quite a few times, I'm talking like 5 times a day.  Especially after I sew three atikluks and read a book in one day.

Simple.  My time is prioritized. 

Clockwise from top:  Fleece Lined Blueberry Atikluk Jacket size 4T, Flannel Cupcake Atikluk size 18-24 Mo.,  Cotton boys pullover atikluk size 12 mo., Fleece lined waterproof Raincoat Atikluk Jacket size 4T

I have cable, but don't watch TV.  (Aside from Duck Dynasty and Glee marathons!)  We watch movies at night and when it's -40 below.  I have internet, but we don't get on youtube all day long (Aside from facebook and reading a few blogs on Saturday mornings!)  I don't play games on my phone, or iPad or on the internet.  (Aside from Draw Something before bed!)  And basically, I like it that way.

I haven't seen Jersey Shore, ever.  I haven't watched the latest youtube video.  I have never played Candy Crush. 

Clockwise from top:  Fleece lined Cotton "Florida Gators" Atikluk jacket size 2T, Fleece lined cotton fireweed Atikluk Jacket size 4T, Boys 4th of July pullover atiluk, size 10-12, Fleece Lined Camouflage Atikluk Jacket size 3T

I have, however, in the last two months sewn about 25 atikluks, two pairs of mukluks and baked several cakes, cinnamon rolls and more.  I have also read about 10 books in the last month or so, two on Saturday.

Men's Pullover Camouflage Atikluk size L

I have caught fish and filleted them.  I have camped out on the beach with good friends.  I have taught my daughter how to sew her own sweatshirt.  I have taught my son how to fillet a fish with an ulu.  I have enjoyed my nieces at my house.  I have picked berries with my sister.   I have sewn, sewn and sewn some more! 

Clockwise from top: Matching Forget-Me-Not Cotton Atikluks size 3T & 3-6 Mo., Cotton 4th of July Atikluk size Women's Small, Fleece Lined Atikluk Jacket size Women's Small, Fleece Lined Cotton Atikluk Jacket size 24 Mo.

I've made purses, bags, atikluks (Eskimo pullover shirt/jackets), mukluks, sweaters, pants, shorts, wallets, harnesses, parkas, etc.  All in the last three months.  Because all we have is time, the important part, though, is how you spend it. 

"Too Small T-Shirt Conversion!"  Added a skirt and pocket to a too-small shirt.

I choose to spend my time doing things I love to do.  Sew.  Bake.  Read.  Subsist.  Not necessarily in that order! 


peacefrog said...

NICE!!!!!! SUBSIST ON!!!!!

peacefrog said...

Nice! Subsist on!!!!

Emily G said...

Taking your advice, just sent you a friend request on fb! Love love love your blog, you are one cool chick :)

merinz said...

Love your blog too, and your sewing! Great to see you back.

Celia said...

This is great!

Emma said...

Hi, Love your blog.

I just learn to sew,and saw your comment at Ruffles and Stuff blog.

Inspired by you not turning on TV often.

Can I link your blog to mine?


Unknown said...

I love your blog! Your sewing is amazing. Do you teach any classes or know of any classes regarding sewing atikluks or skin sewing in Kotz?