Thursday, August 1, 2013

Fish on!

A whole few months of no blogging.  I don't know if I'm bored of it, or tired of it, or too busy for it!  Maybe I think if you wanna read about my life, you should be my facebook friend. haha.  I don't know.

Fishing is on the brain right now.  (And softball)  The twins came up and FINALLY caught shiifish through the ice.  We have been trying for the past six years to get them to hook a fish through the ice and this year the ice was here late enough that they did it.

Max, of course, is hooked!  Maddie, eh, she caught one, and was done with it! haha.

But at least we get to enjoy fish right? 

Speaking of fish... we have some pretty fresh wild Alaska Salmon up here.  We fish for Chum, which isn't what you think it is.  Ours are silver, fresh, firm ocean fish, not the stripey alligator fish Chum are known for.  Luckily, we get them when they look like silvers.  I wouldn't eat anything with stripes on it!  (By the way, I fillet all my fish with an ulu.)

But the best of fish is the Sockeye Salmon that we don't get up here.  They're caught either with a dipnet in Kenai or a fish wheel in Copper Center.  This year was my first experience dipnetting.

CRAZINESS, and I loved it.  I am planning a trip with our WHOLE family next year.  Heck with just me going.  EVERYONE needs to go!  It was so fun.  We ended up with about 20 fish, which isn't too much, but better than nothing and Dean-o was happy to be able to smoke reds.

I was just happy to get more fish for the freezer.  Freezer talk:  TODAY is the first day of Moose Season.  Bam.  Time to go hunting for red meat!

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gpc said...

I AM your facebook friend, but I still love it when you blog! I have learned so many things from you, and I love having my eyes and world opened. :)