Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Is it possible to actually swell with pride?  Really, is it?  You know, the feeling that grows the lump in your throat.  Where you can't talk to someone asking you a simple question for fear you might just burst into tears.  Where you have to bear down and breathe before the tears fall.  Where you find yourself screaming MUCH too loud. 


If you know me, you know I live above the Arctic Circle.  We live in the tundra.  On a spit of land that's "almost an island."  Cross Country running is in mud, water, tundra, and willows.  It's extremely hard.  There is no hard packed trails to run on.  Literally just horribly wet mud.

My kids run cross country here.  The elementary kids run a 2K, middle school a 3K and high school a 5K. 

Here she comes

Kotzebue hosts an Invitational meet each year rain, snow or shine.  We've had such torrential rain this year the trail was a nasty muddy mess.  But the kids still ran.  Some kids lost a shoe early on.  They kept running.  Some kids lost BOTH shoes and kept running.  Because Eskimo kids are tough.  What's a little mud uphill going to do? 

 Dig up the hill

My girl ran the 2K race this year.  Oh my gosh I was so choked up.  I was screaming much too loudly as she ran up the last hill.   I took photos as best as I could while yelling at all the kids.  The determination on their faces.  The shoeless runners giving it their all.  I can't even explain it. 

It was awesome. 

 Running hard

So, my heart is swollen with immense pride.  I don't even know what place she got.  Who cares, really.  She did well.  And she kept both shoes on!

 End of race

P.S. I made her headband Husky Blue and Gold with a paw print, so I could find her in the willows and scream louder!  It worked.  It's made of fleece and velcro.


Philip Newton said...

Nifty headband!

The first picture amused particularly me due to the meaning of “Kotz” in German :)

What’s your daughter called and how old is she?

basebell6 said...

LOVE IT!!!! ohio is no artic circle but i've been at cross country meets where the whole course is ankle deep mud!! fun times! great pics and CONGRATS to your daughter!