Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fresh Veggies in the dead of winter

Good news. Say no to Canned Corn.

My husband and are on a mission to win by losing together. We decided that it was probably time to be serious about getting rid of some of this happy fat that's accumulated around our midsections. Well, really my backsection, but I mean come on, it's always been big. Apparently happy people are fat people!? I think being healthy would make me happy. Anyway, we are simply making better choices, and since Weight Watchers worked a long time ago, I'm giving it another go.

Only problem is, it's hard to eat healthy up here. It's not too hard to exercise, but it IS hard to eat right. But thankfully we have a few tricks up our sleeves to help us along.

Even in the freezing far north (yes, folks it is exactly -6 degrees outside, much warmer than yesterdays -50!) we get Community Share Baskets (boxes, really).

I had forgotten about this due to my travel schedule, and was happily surprised when I went to church to teach sewing class and saw my box all lonely on the floor in the entrance.

Opened it up and found the following:
Beets (I only like pickled beets, I'll feed these to my sisters chickens)
Kale (I've only just found this wonderful leafy green!)
Onions (Great, I use onions and garlic on EVERYTHING)
Lettuce, Cucumber, Zucchini, Mushrooms, Snap Peas (Salad?)
Tomatoes (Love them like apples!)
and an array of Fruits, including a fresh Mango that I ate right away.

Considering fruit and vegetables have to travel 10,000 miles to get here, and frequently are brown, or frozen then thawed, getting an organic share box is right up there with seeing the sun for more than six hours a day. Pure awesomeness.

So, if you're not familiar with Weight Watchers (WW), you have to track points on everything you eat. It's not that tough now that they have the iPhone app. And Dean is obsessed with the scanner! He even scanned dog food to see how many points it was.

Since starting WW, I feel like I have eaten WAY more than I usually would have. The food must be more filling, or something, cause I eat a serving and can barely finish it.

Since I have 7,492 recipes in my head at any given moment, it's not been too hard to make "healthy" foods. I mean, really, we eat pretty healthy anyway, thanks to me being allergic to all kinds of fake food, dyes and preservatives. Oh, and my utter disgust for beef. Bleck. If it's not a Cheeseburger from a restaurant, I don't want it. We subsist mainly on fish, shrimp, caribou, moose, and chicken breasts.

Hopefully all this counting points will work, cause I'm so full all the time, I don't know what to do!

Lemon Chix

Photo up there? Last Night's Dinner. Lemon Chicken with Israeli Couscous (Except I halved the Olive Oil, bumped up the Lemon Juice, cut out the white wine, and used Boneless Skinless Breasts)


Dorice said...

We made the "gosh, we're getting older...and fatter...we better do somthing about it" declaration about six months ago. I, too, turned to WW because I'd done it in the past, and it works. I ran across this blog www.skinnytaste.com. Her recipes are awesome and she gives WW points along with each one. It's made it 100% easier to do this time around. Even once we reach the weight we want, we plan on continuing to eat healthy, low fat.

Sarah said...

I'm on WW for the second time. First time I lost 51 pounds then gained back all but 12. Now I've lost 30... so it works. :)

Good luck. By the way, I read your blog almost daily and live in Georgia. After a visit to Alaska in 2007, I became kind of obsessed with learning more about it and found your blog! Happy point counting.

Isabel said...

myfitnesspal.com: I lost 25lbs last year and kept it off for a year! Had some stress related eating in Feb and just now going back to healthy eating again: it was so easy last year I *know* I can do it again and how to do it. Also, I didn't exercise at all to lose the first 20, but had so much energy with the lost weight that I wanted to look fit for last summer and felt I could tackle some 30 day shred.