Monday, February 27, 2012

Duct Tape Ball

So, I was in Anchorage again this weekend, specifically for the Duct Tape Ball .

This years theme was Duck-tor Seuss on the Loose! It was EPIC. I mean, I know us Alaskans LOVE us some Duct Tape. Eskimo's especially. We use it to repair boots, hats, gloves, jackets, airplanes, snowmachines and helmets. Heck, if it doesn't have Camo or Duct Tape on it, you're not really an Eskimo I think!

So, the Duct Tape Ball. Seriously the most fun I've had in YEARS. I mean, people went ALL OUT dressing up. Us included.

(a pair of $10 shoes from Val-u-Village in polka dot duct tape)

My friend Maude is one of the Duct Tape Ball Volunteers, and she made this beautiful Blue and White dress with several flowers. Entirely out of duct tape. Save for the TEENY TINY little wires she taped on the inside of each and EVERY ONE of those flower petals so they would bend out.

She's standing next to a 15 foot tall duct tape Horton!

Went all out I'm telling you!

I started working on my duct tape dress on Friday night, and finished it Saturday before the ball. I didn't really have a Dr. Seuss character (actually I WANTED to be Fox in Socks, but when I went to Walmart the day before they had NO RED DUCT TAPE!) so I sort of Seussified my dress with several colors and some Lorax trees.

my dress

But the real hit was the Facinator. As I've learned to call a hat that's not really a hat! I loved this thing. Duct tape everywhere except the feather flower standing up with some beading wire. (the same wire Maude used in her petals!) I loved this thing so much that I wore it all night, and the next day as well!


The duct tape ball raises money (100% of it's net proceeds go to the charities of choice) for different charities here in Alaska. This year the recipients were the Anchorage Neighborhood Health Clinic, The Rainbow Connection Therapeutic Horseback Riding Center, and the Cuddy Family Parks for All.

We had several silent auction items donated by people and organizations all over Alaska, including one awesome "Mallard" Hunting Knife made by Siksu's Knives! In addition to the silent auction tables, there were several Live Auction Items going for $5,000 - $10,000!

me and kathleen

There were prizes for the Best Hat and Best dressed. Our good friend Kathleen won the Best Dressed for the second year in a row! (She went as the letter "U" from the Alphabet Book)

From the Drunk Cat in the Hat hanging in an umbrella, the entire WhoVille Village, the Seven Hump Wump, and the 15 foot tall Horton, EVERYTHING was made of Duct Tape! I'm already planning my dress for next year! (I just have to wait to hear the theme!)

More photos of the characters tomorrow! (or the next day, you know me...lazy winter blogger!)


Arvay said...

Totally. Awesome!

Christal said...

I used to live in Nome & blipped over to your site from Mori's Tundra Gypsy. *I knew her mom through Deena. I just wanted to tell you I loved the photos of the Northern Lights, duct tape ball, and family in fur along with your description & disclaimer. It made me smile to read it. I'm in MT now and we hunt every year and fill our freezer with good food.