Thursday, July 14, 2011

The smell of the tundra

I think I've talked about the smell of the Tundra before. The Lichen, the Tussocks, the berries in season. It is a smell like no other. It beats fresh cut grass anyday. ANY DAY!

I don't even know how to explain it. I always wished you guys could smell it too. I always wished there was a way to bottle it up and sell it.


There is.

What!? Yup, a friend of mine, and fellow blogger/artist/awesome-person bottled that stuff up, JUST FOR YOU!


Crazy talk, I know.

Salmonberry Origins is her Etsy shop filled with wondrous Arctic items perfect for you to experience.


Not only did she bottle the scents of the Arctic, but she also bottled (or tinned!) some of the SAME healing herbs, and items I use all the time. I drink Tiilaqait, or Tundra Tea all the time, I add a little licorice root and it doesn't need sugar, it doesn't need milk. Just good old Tundra Tea. And it's available for you RIGHT HERE!

Fireweed tea, for your late night relaxation. And Aqpik scrub to wash off the days worries!


What I am MOOOOST excited about though is the Scents for you to experience. There really is NOTHING like the smell of the Tundra.

PILOT BREAD the hard tack cracker that is in every good eskimo's cupboard! Add some Dandelion Bloom Jelly for a truly Arctic Experience.

pilot bread

Labrador Tea , or Tiilaqait, (Tundra Tea), the earthy, piney scent that everyone from up here knows means, Tundra.

Not only does she sell Arctic Spa items, but she has two other Etsy stores.

Foot soak

Salmonberry Dreams , beautiful earrings and necklaces, made from local organic items such as Caribou Antler, and Ptarmigan Feather.

Salmonberry Thoughts , which includes wonderfully sketched artwork and still shots from the top of the World.

tea in my cup

I hope you'll join me in visiting her sites. Experience the beauty of the Arctic through Rainey's talented hands.

*I FORGOT... She has a facebook page dedicated to ALL her craftiness! Click HERE to visit it!



Anonymous said...

Cool! Thanks for sharing this, gonna do some Tundra shopping this week. FUN! Oh by the way did I see your hubby wearing a Red Sox hat? ;)

tundra gypsy said...

the smell of the tundra is one of my all time favorite smells. it satisfies my soul! :)