Monday, July 11, 2011


You guys know I hate Mondays? I do. I mean, what kind of punishment is a Monday? Really. They should make fun things happen on Monday, rather than the get-up-and-go-back-to-work-after-playing-all-weekend routine. Right?

I know I'm right.

Saturday was my first day off since June 26th. I was tired. I decided that I wouldn't do that again. I think I run myself ragged until I snap in two, both physically and emotionally. So next year, we're going on VACATION for the 4th of July. Vacation.


Early Saturday morning I woke up to a frantic call from my baby sister Elsa. She couldn't even talk. I thought someone had died. I was crazy worried.

I shot up in bed and was as calm as a cucumber, "Elsa, calm down and let me know what's going on..." "Elsa, is everyone OK?" between her sobs, she was surprised and said, "huh? yeah..."

OK good, no one is hurt, gone, etc. Whew. Dodged that bullet.

But the words that came out of her mouth were just as bad. "Zach is getting deployed on MONDAY."

A day and a half notice.

family people

Happy Weekend Soldier. You're getting deployed. Boo on the Army. Boo on the ridiculous war. Boo on those people who think Americans should stick their noses into other countries business. How about worrying about your OWN country??? How about the fact that in your OWN country there are still cities that have NO RUNNING WATER. There are kids who drop out of school so they can take care of babies. There are places where a gallon of milk costs FIFTEEN DOLLARS, and a gallon of water costs TWENTY. Our gas prices are hovering around Eight bucks a gallon now. And they're only getting higher.


Anyway, enough on that rant. War...what is it good for? Absolutely nothing. And I'll say it again...

I logged on to Facebook this morning at work to check my company site and saw this picture below. It is their last family photo together for a year. I have not stopped crying since.


So, now my sister who's anniversary is this month, will be without a husband. My niece will be without a father. But, I will say that he chose this career, and he is one PROUD SOLDIER. He serves the United States with Honor and Respect. He and his family knew the sacrifices they had to make to be in the Military, and they take those sacrifices with Pride.

daddy and baby

And this Sister-Mom is so very proud of them too. I don't know if many of you know, but I was married before. My ex-husband was in the Navy. It was hard. Very hard. I hope and pray, and pray and pray and pray and pray some more that my sister and her family will stay strong, faithful, and proud to be a Military family.

So, if you're the praying type, please pray for my sister, my niece, and EVERY other Soldier we have stationed away from home. Away from family. Away from the Freedom they fight for. Pray, and pray some more to keep them safe. To keep them healthy. To keep them strong.

carroll family

And even if you don't have someone close to you in the military, maybe you have some extra love to give? Maybe you have some homemade Smoked Salmon from Alaska that your husband cans, and you want to share it. Maybe you make beautiful quilts that are manly. Maybe you are a really good letter writer. And you want to share the love...

There are so many soldiers who are overseas, and they all deserve to have Alaskan Smoked Salmon and Canned Caribou. Or a quilt. Or a letter. Or some love. So CLICK HERE and see what you can do to help ease the loneliness and support our troops out there. My children, husband and I just adopted a couple. I sure do hope they like Smoked Salmon.


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

A day and a half notice for a year long deployment.... how horrible.

Good thing she has so much support from you!

My cousin just got home from Afghanistan and I agree with you. We should be focusing on the needs of our own country first. I much preferred when Canada did only Peace Keeping missions and I hope we go back to that one day.

Lots of prayers going out to keep your brother-in-law safe on his deployment!

gpc said...

Beautiful pictures. I am grateful to your sister and her husband for this sacrifice that I wish they didn't need to make. I will be glad when you post that he is safely home!

basebell6 said...

sooo heartbreaking. praying for your whole family. :(

Anonymous said...

Your sister's family is adorable. I am sorry that he got deployed with such short notice. The one benefit from that, which i say from experience, is that at least they didn't have to stress out about him leaving for the last six months leading up to now like most units do. They were able to enjoy their time together with out all the extra bs on the side. Usually getting ready for a deployment is a huge, long, annoying proccess. He's lucky he got to skip over all of that. Another good thing is that if he is only going to Iraq, he won't be gone for too long! The deadline for all of us to be out is December and from what I am witnessing over here, things are starting to happen. I think we will all be home soon :)

Thank you for posting the adopt a soldier link. I got adopted today and I already got two emails from different people. One lady wants to teach her young son with autism how to care and appreciate someone else, and the other lady is from England and used to be married to an American soldier. I am really ecited to get to know them. I am going to post the link on facebook so all of my coworkers over here can do it too!

sue said...

well my "friend" I am certainly the praying type and this wonderful family will be on my list. My son in law is a marine, so we know all too well the scarafice that these yound people give to us... to the US... to everyone around them. I am proud of them all and know without them, we wouldn't have all that we do... God Bless Them... keep us posted over the year too please....

Anonymous said...

Prayers to all soldier and their families. You said they got basically a day notice. If you read on your sisters blog you will read that they were told in early July about the deployment. So i dont know that stating they were not told is accurate Sounds like your sister is in high spirits despite her situation. Which is great as that is they way to be.

Finnskimo said...

Actually Anon, they were told in July that he would be deployed at the end of august, so they made plans to come home to KOTZ for a couple weeks prior to deployment. Then on Saturday, he came home and said he was leaving Monday morning at 5:00am. That would be a day and a half notice. Absolutely nothing was prepared for, but she is doing well despite.
My other sister and I are headed down on the first of August to pick her and Rea up.

Corinna said...

Just wanted to say that I wish the best for your sisters husband and her family. My brother is in the Navy and will be deployed on a sub for 6 months yet again in Jan. At least we all know it's coming and can prepare. Thanks for posting the link for soldiers. I will be adopting one as soon as I am done typing this.