Thursday, June 23, 2011

There is time

There is time to flip Ugruk.

Ugruk in a bucket. Not quite the familiar is it!?

There is time to make jam.

Midnight Jam Making session called to me....

There is time to spray your dogs down when they're hot and the midnight sun is beating down on you for 24 hours a day.

Magnus getting the spray-down after work.

And there is time to vote.


My cousin Denali is the reigning Miss Teen Alaska, after winning the Miss Teen Arctic Circle Pageant here in Kotzebue a few years ago. She is the epitome of cool. Eskimo beauty, bred on the pebble beaches of Sisualik and Katyuuraq. She has blossomed like the fireweed each summer into the most beautiful and grounded person ever. Currently she is attending college at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Miss Teen
Miss Teen Arctic Circle, running down the Sisualik Trail to Aana Katak's!

Next month, she will be heading down to the National Miss Teen Pageant in the Bahamas with my auntie Martha and a few supporters. It's quite an excursion to make when you live above the Arctic Circle and its prime Aqpik picking season. But we know that she will do great and wish her the best of luck.

Den Den

YOU can help! Click HERE and log on with Facebook and VOTE for Denali for People's Choice. Click the Alaska link and vote away. Denali Quyaana ("Thank you" in Inupiaq) Whiting. Little Sisualik girl, all grown up.

Go ahead and vote more than once! Feel free to vote and vote and vote and vote some more. Take a break. Vote. Make dinner. Vote. Flip your ugruk. Vote.


basebell6 said...

wow good luck to her! she's a beauty for sure!

Anonymous said...

O.K...I was following along with the Ugruk season pretty well until I saw that black stuff in the bucket! What is that? Is that what you eat? The leftovers? Very curious now!

Janice Qunigyuk Bendixen said...

That 'black stuff' is some of the most delicious nutritious food on the planet. My mouth is watering as l write. Great job Maija on making another season's good food. Quyanaq again for sharing.