Monday, April 23, 2012

Day 2

Holy moley, it's been nonstop business around here.

Anyway, here are photos from Day 2. If you wanna know what happened on Day 2, go back to day one and look at the event list! haha.

The Original Finnskimo Girls. Elsa, Saima, Maija

Luke and John Baker at start
Tatta Luke and John Baker before the start of the Kobuk 440

Mass Start
Mass Start of the Kobuk 440 Sled Dog Race

Paige running for money
2 year old Paige running for money at the Clothesline Run Races

kids getting dollars
Older kids turn

Air Force Brass Band Concert.

1 comment:

cowsaysmeow said...

When I compared the pics of the 440 sled dog and clothespin races with the times of the events on the schedule, I immediately clicked the little Weather Underground banner just to see when your sunset is right now - 11:12pm??? Wow...6:30pm up there looks like 2 or 3 in the afternoon down here in San Francisco right now, and I'm tripping off it.

Anyway, please carry on, and thanks for helping to feed my mild obsession with Alaska which I expect to see in person at some point. :)