Wednesday, December 14, 2011


My daughter's BFF dog. Her Princess Beyonce (That's what she wanted to name her. We said no!)

We got Fritz when she was just a wee little Ewok from a guy (Guy, that's his name!) here in our town. We thought that Kaisa was old enough to be responsible for her, clean her messes, take her on walks, etc. And she was, usually. I've had to clean my share of messes, but in the end, Fritzy is a good dog.

Kaisa and Fritzy

She's the only dog that I've known who will watch Television constantly and try to jump in the screen! We moved our TV onto the wall because of that.

The other day, I shaved her (She's part Terrier, mostly Shitzu) and didn't really notice anything different, except that she did not want to play with Magnus, our beastly dog, who she LOVES tormenting. She just sat around all sad looking. I thought she was PMS'ing.

When the morning came (yesterday) my daughter screamed that her eye had popped out. Literally, her eye popped out of her head. So, I started calling around, Googling little dog's eyes popping out of their sockets, etc. We do not have a Veterinarian in town, the closest one is 600 air miles away, and you have to take a jet to get there. We do, however, have a "dog lady" who will check out your dog or cat for you for $20 and tell you to send her to Anchorage!


So, we did that. And thankfully I have awesome friends, so one friend took Fritzy as baggage (she even sat First Class!) and another friend picked her up and dropped her off at a Doggy ER in Anchorage.

And $950 later, Fritzy is up and at 'em, she is less one eye, but apparently it doesn't bother her cause she's having the time of her life, meeting new friends!

We are very happy she is still alive, and though we will now have a one-eyed dog, that's OK. Kaisa says that she can be a pirate next year for Halloween! :)


gpc said...

How frightening. Glad, especially for Kaisa's sake, that she is on the mend.

Jane @ The borrowed abode said...

My pup Charlie has one eye! She was a mangy stray when I found her, and apparently trauma to her eyeball had caused Glaucoma. We eventually had to remove it, and she never seemed to notice a thing. :) One-eyed dogs are the best!

So glad you had someone who was able to take Fritzy to the vet. . . I can't imagine having the closest vet 600 miles away!!

sue said...

I live for years with a one eye dog.. a beautiful cocker who lost her her to glaucoma... she did perfectly fine and I just let the hair grow a bit longer on that side and no one hardly even noticed. I can't imagine how scarely that was for you and the long trip she had to make to the vet, but I am glad that it has all turned out well... sometimes I think I live far away from "things" but it's nothing compared to what you folks are used to.... best wishes and Merry Christmas to you and your family...

Anonymous said...

My sister's Golden Retriever went absolutely CRAZY whenever an animal -- even an animated one! -- appeared on TV. When watching the ANIMAL PLANET (or even GEIKO commercials), we had to evict her from the room, or we couldn't hear any of the dialogue.

Rebecca said...

Eek! No fun. :( Glad she's going to be ok, but I can imagine the trauma and uproar if our daughter woke up with her dog missing one eye! When will she be coming home?

Sabrina said...

That happened to my inlaws chihuahua...her puppy bit it out, Gross. Anyway, she lived many more happy years as a one-eyed pirate. We even bought her a cute little eyepatch with her initial "W" on it.

Anonymous said...

WOW I work for a vet clinic in Maine, I'll be sharing this story at work tomorrow! Now that is an ER story for sure.