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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

How to beat the cold

It's been fa-reeeezing here for the past two weeks or so.  The wind chill gets to about -40 and stays there.  The ambient temperature isn't "too" cold, maybe -20 to -10ish. 

But it's still cold.  I had to pull out my warmer down jacket. 

Because I don't have a parky.  But everyone else in my family does.  Well, I guess technically I do have one, from my aana Katak, but I rarely use it, only to travel with because it's pretty big.  Maybe what I'm saying is I don't have a parky made by me.

But EVERYONE else does.  (PS there's two more being "fixed" so they're not hanging up!)

and now, even Rea has one!  I made this cute little parky with some trim and stretch velvet I got as a gift from a friend who was recently in Korea.  He plopped a big bag of trim, velvet and silky material at my friends house and said, "have fun!" I also used a fox isilgvik (hood trim) one of my friends gave me because it was too small for her daughter.  Perfect.

That's how finnskimo's battle the cold.

Well, that and sauna's!

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Unknown said...

Good thinking! Those would definitely help combat the cold. They’re cute outfits as well, so fashion won't be sacrificed. Winter is perhaps the only time of the year where the temperature drops to a crazy low level, that we can’t even enjoy the snow. Make sure your heaters are working, so you won’t be uncomfortable next winter, ok? Take care always. :D
Donald Payne @ Sauer HVAC