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Friday, January 27, 2012



It's not fair.

This is MY weather.

38 below

You know, the weather where I have to plug my car in, pay $7.69 for a gallon of gas, only to fill up twice a week because I start my car and let it "warm up" for 45 minutes before going anywhere...where my dogs have to be kept inside all day so their feet don't freeze...where your face literally freezes after about six minutes outside. Where you don't dare lick your lips or they will freeze too!

This is my HUSBAND'S weather.

82 above

You know, where women wear thongs, and the smell of a Cuban cigar wafts around you. Where salsa music and good food awaits you at every corner. Where the sun is warm and not just light.

I wonder what your body does when the weather outside warms up literally 120 degrees. Or vice versa. What does it do when it goes from 82 degrees to -38?! I guess we will find out when he comes home.

(P.S. He's in Miami for WORK, no less! I need a work trip like that!)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Little Trout.

Frozen Whole.

To Eat.


From Noatak.

Real Good.

Lunch Time.

seal oil

Seal Oil.

And Blackmeat.

Soaked Fingers.


Happy Eskimo.

Still Cold.

So Cheap.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Greasy Grimy Gopher Guts

Last night we went to watch the Huskies play (GO HUSKIES!) the Galena Hawks. It was a great game, back and forth scores, but eventually the Hawks dominated the inside and won.

Throughout the excitement, the girls (Clara and Kaisa) were busy giggling away and playing Clapping Games. OMG! Do you guys remember clapping games!? They totally brought me back to being a kid! We watched the game, watched the girls, watched the game, watched the girls. Sigh...

clapping girls

My favorites are the fast ones and the ones you ALMOST can get in trouble saying:

Miss Susie has a steamboat,
the steamboat has a bell,
Miss Susie went to Heaven,
the steamboat went to,
hello operator please give me # 9,
and if you disconnect me,
I'll kick you from,
behind the fridgerator,
there was a piece of glass,
Miss Susie sat upon it and cut her little,
ask me no more questions,
I'll tell you no more lies,
the boys are in the bathroom zipping up their,
flies are in the city,
the bees are in the park,
Miss Susie and her boyfriend are kissing in the
D - A - R - K, D - A - R - K, dark

clap gamesss

Miss Sue,
Miss Sue,
Miss Sue in a rocker, eating Betty Crocker, watching the clock to tick-tock, tick-tock fernaminama, tick-tock, tick-tock fernaminama, DON'T MOVE!

Great big gobs of greasy grimy gopher guts,
mutilated monkey feed,
chopped up baby parakeet,
french fried eyeballs sitting in a bowl of blood,
and me without my straw,

so they gave me scab sandwich,
mustard on top,
eagle eye balls and camel slop,
all these things were made in a pot,
so they gave me puke with sugar on top!

clap clap

Double Double Ice Ice
Double Double Cream Cream
Double Ice, Double Cream
Double Double Ice Cream.

Oh to be young again. I think we are due for a girls night of clapping games! hahaha.

Friday, January 13, 2012

A bit nippy.

You know, the thing about living in the Arctic is that it's cold.

Rocket Science.

So, surprise of all surprises, it's been MIGHTY cold these past few weeks. The ambient temperature hovering around negative 20 to negative 30 below zero Fahrenheit. The wind chill has been pretty steady at fifty below zero, some days colder and some warmer.

I had posted on Facebook the other day that it was minus 67 degrees below zero and that kids were still expected to walk to school. And that my car, "big bertha" still starts, warms up and runs in the cold, which is why I am hesitant to replace her with a newer sleeker model who might just get cold and freeze up. When your car starts at 60 below, you really want to keep it.

My husband made this little iPhone video to show how cold it was on New Years Day. (and dark too!)

Boiling Water does amazing things when it's that cold out. Like freezing in mid-air and evaporating in front of you. :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bieber Fever.

My 8 year old has Bieber Fever. Seriously.

JB Unsure

And I refused to buy her a Justin Beiber doll for Christmas. Cause I'm a mean mom. That and because she has enough dolls. I told her if she wanted one, she needed to sell some Barbies to make room for JB. She said she was going to have a Barbie Stand...much like a lemonade stand, outside. In the cold. But she would stay warm, because she has Bieber Fever, remember!

JB Smiles

Anyway, she took the high road and asked SANTA for a JB doll. Santa Momma was like, "Psh, whatevs, you're gettin' a sweater."

So, when Toys for Tots came through our schools and gave EVERY SINGLE child in Pre-K through 5th grade a present, imagine her surprise when she received, none other than a JUSTIN BIEBER doll.

JB Girl

If that doesn't show you Santa's listening, I don't know what does.

PS, Santa momma was happy that she didn't have to buy a JB doll. And yes, she did get a Sweater for Christmas. I am SO fun, I tell you.

JB Girls

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Inupiaq word of the day...



Alapaa means, "IT IS COLD!"

Very appropriate if you ask me. :)


See the windchill? -65 below zero. Stay warm.

GOOD NEWS though, we have a little over THREE HOURS of daylight! :)