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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Handmade fun

I always have these ideas in my head, I'll go, "I can write about this...or that..." and then I go home and POOF! they're gone.  Sorry about that. 

Aside from the fact that we FINALLY have some heat to our sun, there really isn't much to do in Kotzebue, except go to Zumba, and make stuff. 

My sister Saima and I, (Elsa too, but she's too pregnant yet to really do anything, we are waiting until she's off with the baby to join in more!) are starting a cute little handmade shop.  I'm sure we could go on Etsy, but we both work full time jobs, and have kids to take care of, and have meat to grind and package, so our beginning stock wouldn't be much.  I think Facebook selling would be better, considering we will have maybe three or four items to sell at once. 

Anyway, I've been working on a cute new baby mukluk pattern that wasn't 100% fur.  Because 1.  Fur is expensive, and 2. Fur is hard to acquire.  So, we've been finding all sorts of great new fabrics to use to give old Inupiaq Style a new modern twist.

Enter, our new and improved Mukluks.  New Styles, fur lined with leather bottoms.  Super SUPER CUTE!!!   (Girl Style above.  Boy style below.  I added a toe strip on the boys mukluks as well.)

Saima's been using flannel outer and fleece lining.  I finally found some non-skid fabric for the bottoms as well.  Think footie sleeper bottoms.  She's been sewing up a storm too.  Baby sewing is awesome, especially when you have a sister and several cousins who are pregnant at any given moment!  It sure seems like everyone is pregnant.  haha.  (Except me)

Anyway, homemade is so much more fun than store bought.  So, if you're on facebook in the next month or so search for us, chances are, we will be up and running by then! 

Until then, happy sewing.